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it was skipping steps
so i mean it can fuck up the machine or fixture or whatever
anyway it went away, its a xylotex 1/8 stepping issues

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i gotta be drillin
its almost 1am!

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pyramid cutter #1

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fucking xylotex
so i tightened up the headstock assembly and it still have that 6-8ipm resonance weirdness
i turned off microstepping and it went away
full step is alot more violent in step motions than i remember
half step mode seems as non fail as full step mode
friend girl brought over some glass rods to test the leds thru
omg pimp
like dinosaur fiber optics

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its smaller than a getto cheap digital solution
the 555 is
'1 means jumper not installed'
(pullups, but whatever)

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i dunno i havent really listened to them
naw just eq down the high end
youll be fine
i need to get my hearing tested
like its fine, or at least same as its always been, but its be nice to have a reference
guys i want new steppers and gecko drives
id prob use digital generated ramp waves

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its cool its like that classic magnetized cd sound
its like stretched tape wobble
cage = $$$
and i dont think anyone uses MHz on the stuff were taking apart
pretty high power stuff so they would be expensive supplies, that fast
this like lowend pro shit
like those plastic eggs JPL and mackie and everyone has now
the jbl has some 15" differential driver with a neo magnet thats like 4lbs
then backplate has a heatsink and the electronics built into a pretty flat metal box
whole thing is like 35 lbs

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you had 76% before youre failing now
kevtris: alot of pro audio is trading in toroids for smps
mostly because of the weight
all those plastic powered speakers are smps/class-d and maybe a linear chipamp for th highs
if its switching at like 100khz+ you prob wont hear it
audio noise actually isnt the issue
its emi, it fails lab certifications
wow my brain tried to logically figure out what you were saying for a few seconds
you broke it

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they can
they usually have soft start and current sense for protection
some will basically shutdown if they detect no load
basically fill the cap up and shut down
im using this basically word much to often
yeh i know how it works
smps = imminent doom, forever over and over

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switching ic will do 85%-97% like whatever
oh wait this is simulated?

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cheapo bjt

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heh its a single insert endmill, but they show a 4 insert tool
oh fail thats not the .375

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i was thinking about getting a single insert endmill
thats mostly what i was collecting
like, catalog and flyer propaganda at westec
insert tooling is win
one of the companies had ceramic inserts
sometimes you see them for around $4
enco isnt drama for little stuff is it?

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thats the spirit

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