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blackmoon: lots of apps have that now
i think pads has it
spectra has that stuff im pretty sure

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no i can see auto routers failing at his shit
its not a lot of nodes but its always dense
timecop: its interactive
its what i wish all the pussy integrated autorouters were
like i wouldnt mind autorouting if i can be like, okay route this bus
and shove shit around and all that
blackmoon: i want shoving and stuff
anyway i doubt i would ever buy an autorouter
20:43 <@BlackMoon> buying an autorouter is like buying a blind mexican to do your yard work
thats kinda how i feel about it

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if i was just doing like, web and media and some office crap
lunix is fine
ha for machine control windows is silly
man screw orcad
tho it can do diff size top/bottom pads
really thats the only thing i found impressive about it
that spectra crap?
lots of stuff integrate spectra now
orcads ui was worse than eagle
worse than LTspice
i dont know
is it free for the world?
or is it $1000
maybe i will poke it
haha @ $5k academic seat
is it gimped?
or you get the actual program
okay well thats good for them
its like $10k for commercial or what?
modular pricing woot
can i just buy spectra?
im not i have zero moneys
and then

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netbooks come with xp
no nets books with 160gp have xp
dammit, 160gb
BrawnGP yayay
dude why are you gaming on a netbook
well besides zsnes
fzero on the bus = epic
omg mouse to move is 5min tops
i dont see what the big deal is
i use xp for cad/eda stuff
and if i eventually get cam software, for that
geda is silly
they never development spurt miracles to get anywhere with that shit

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haha dork
timecop: pics of failboard

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oh thats a joke
because coal is black

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id rather have the elise
topgear lied about the tesla
made it look like it ran out of charge when it didnt
something else about relative performance too

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