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!ws set reseda, ca

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!ws -d 91335
too many weatherbot interfaces

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dont think i could do it
has to be perfectly centered
and you want the faces, because thats where it cuts
i could prob make half round ones
i would have trouble making/sharpening that
their tools are fucking beutiful too, i wouldnt even try for that kind of precision
that ones i use are 30d, the pic is of a 60d one

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apestate: lakeshore tools was the place you get stuff from?

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dx^: its ok because you are dx
blackmoon: these are 30 degree pyramid tip cutters with .005 tips
the faces are so flat they give off this weird color spectrum reflection
im not sure you can resharpen centercut endmills so theyre still centercut
theyre carbide tho
when they break theyre not useless

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pimp its working
broken pyramid cutters work for .012 space/trace

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they break of and the tips are like between .010 and .015
trying the broken one, reset zero so not going as deep
prob gonna be pretty fail

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pyramid cutter broke
no i found another one
theyre maybe still ok for this pcb tho
and one of the broken ones doesnt really look so broken
i should buy some of that paper from frys that rab uses and try to etch again
he says it peels right off, and getting the paper off is like where i always fuckup
because the carbide drills last forever
the really pointy cutters last maybe a few boards if im careful

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rab: i have to show him how to make models from semicorp websites work, im pretty sure hell be all junkie over it
i dont like people on the phone in resteraunts
theyre always fucking loud too
like wtf we dont care asshole

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ha wow thank god for simulation
i almost plunged my etching tool .080 instead of .008
rab: i got pspice hacker at work to try ltspice
heh, was a bitch to remember how to get cursors working and how to make it not plot phase
zzzz_: its all fun and games until someone misses a call from their dying mom or something
yeah i <3
heh, i modeled like 3 preamp circuits in one file on my dual core laptop thing at work
hit play, its done as i let go off the clicker

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omg thats so illegal

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they didnt break pcb-gcode
doh car accident

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but i think 5 has finer zoom divisions so it seems less fast than maybe it is
no idea
i guess smt stuff does take less layers
the color mixing for the layers is diff
the dropdowns on some of the tool buttons are pretty neat
grid and layer profiles and prev components history is def a good thing
the drc exception stuff too
atrributes looks useful too

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he did that
i should be drilling
rab: eagle 5 is ok
i think maybe its better even
oh neat it labels locked parts by rotating the origin crosshairs
hmm, yeah i guess so
but its a little board
it def seems slower
eagle4 is like zero latency

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rab: why do you need ancient phone tech datas
hmm, why
like its missing?
so its just to cover the mechanical stuff under the clear?
that shit looks neat
maybe he wishes to pint one

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13:56 <@BlackMoon> honda has generators now?
honda has generators for like a million years

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hmm neat
you should prob try and get temp readings
leds usually have a power derating vs temp
heh cool
you should take better pics
k i gotta go

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no cmon
youre joking or you really want to know
measure the voltage across them and the current thru them (by measuring the voltage across the series resistor)
and multiply them for power\
leds dont have resistance
you can like derive a resistance for them but itll change with current and temp and its not very useful for anything
its not dropping as much voltage
but it + the series resistor probably are
so you still might be burning more power

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