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k rab is back to normal again

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!avrfreak on
!avr on
so avrfreak flipped burgers?

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theyre fucktard proof too, you cant replace the fuse with the iec cable in it
rab: what was the name of the paper you use from frys?
for toner tranfer
that magically peels off
ty, loading
i hate getting the paper off

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neat @ ammo boxes
omg are they selling the bins?
those bins are expensive
whats up with those iec modules
they have filters built in?
careful some have fuses =(
you cant replace them
not the fuse holders
those rawk
if you get them from the big box at all alot of time they have 1A fuses already

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(we tested with our audio precision box thinger)
well yeah i think it only does .1R

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fucking coworker keeps buying those
bought like prob 7 already
i have fluke 110 and 111
shitty bandwidth
rms voltage is a bit low @ 1KHz
@ 5KHz its just silly
also it beeps on continuity under 10R
its good towards 1KHz
its dead on @ 60/120

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husky pro is habor freight?
i thought husky was home depot china stuff
oh he said harbor frail
heh, horror/fate

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`nico: i paid court like $1300 and they gave it back

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oh thats nice
the squares are neat you can rotate them 4 times
i guess the diamonds just twice
the router at my wood cnc job had this 3 insert fly cutter w/ squares
diamonds seem fail
jusky pro is just nice china shit

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failpcb failed to fail again
broken pyramid cutters ftmfw

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those are neat tho
they usually have a threaded post and a wide knurled thumb nut
to like set height
some set nuts
yeah bitchin
those things rawk
oh they dont fit?
i thought my circuit was fail
but i forgot to plug in the 18W wart

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guys whats a cam screw
i want to plates
thats totally like $2 shipped i bet
yeh probably
the pic sucks so you cant really see
so i could mount those to extend my table
so i could mount big shit from the front edge, out of the spindles range
see the shitty thing about getting that
is im going to want to get more of the tool holders
and theyre $60/ea
because 3 is enough at first
but having like 10 and some good cam software would be badass

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mil spec fairie metal screws and shit
this for your machine thing?
you has the technology
i have 1/2" t slots
1/4" throat
theyre little you cant just buy tnuts anywhere
hehe yeah
no the flange is way to big too
and the bolt head itself is 1/16 too big

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shit i have to make a digikey order too
wtf single opamps
so im going to buy tooling for the taig
since i all of a sudden have like $1300 extra
wonder how that works
the whole thing is fiberglass or just the flangy part?
blackmoon: if screws come in packs of like 4 or 10 theyre prob like $3 each
or something silly

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dammit im not defending them im just explaining their stupidity
blackmoon: what did you want from mcmaster?
special nut?
im prob going to order standoffs and screws and shit

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the $1346 i paid wasnt for the ancient fixit ticket
it was for the stupid weed thing
i dunno how it ended up in chatsworth court
anyway, i did all sorts of jail time for that bullshit, so thats why they gave the money back
hehe, the girl at the court's collection place was like, you can cash the check its yours
also when my fucking job decides to get off its ass an pay me ill have like 5 weeks worth of paychecks, prob at once
like, thanks for helping me save up my monies, assholes
its a video think on a pc

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ima smoke a bowl then try to program it
blackmoon: what do you think of spray acrylic to insulate an unmasked pcb?
like, after final assembly and cleaning flux off just to keep environment from fuckin the circuit
yeah i cant think of anything bad
this thing doesnt get to hot except maybe pin 2 of the 7805
i have a 1/2" threaded aluminum hex standoff as a heatsink
its weird it pulled the heat off the package and into the tab
like it gets as hot as the to220 alone, but the plastic box isnt very hot at all now

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shiftbrite driver number dos almost done
all electronics 7805 #2 = non fail
i keep expecting them to mushroom cloud

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oh hmm
maybe one shiftbrite isnt fail
it was an end and i seem to have only wired into the output ports

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apestate: lakeshore tools is the place you get stuff from?

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blackmoon: why are there no pics of this cruxifying?

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