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yes totally
im not sure it happens so much, but the paddles are like acceptable fratboy gifts
but theyre like, honorary paddles, too big to actually paddle with
like the dudes sword from final fantasy 7 and shit
they dont just show up?
dynamic /dev ftmfw
i am going to watch this...
the end of america thing
that dx says watch
k movie bye
o damn its midnight

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eh eh
everyone wears loose pants
samurai style
this is one part of urban culture i dont mind
do you see the tight shit 70s people had to wear?
like, omg guys you are all crushing your junk
'what side do you dress on'
im like, haha what
no man my inseams are like way below all that gear
haha no!
am i a weirdo or what
people are amazed at this, that ive never watched it
i do enjoy the zep song very much tho
is it good?
does like 20% of the internet make more sense now?
i get the straight leg levis
fratboy weirdness

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i think thats it
i know i have many

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macegr: what do i do with this hid portal thinger?
i need an arduino?
also, neat @ pots
oh hehe cool
i hope the bourns pots are not wrong
k im glad i dont have to get one of those arduino things

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dip it in liquid latex
dont get it on your fuzz tho
it sucks =(

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timecop: what nonfree shit are you using for video editing?
what where

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no idea
rab: yeah at what
also hi
he would leave for months and come back
i want his mill
audio stuff i just thought you wanted audio i think because of timecops directly following question
ha no stanton bundles it
but ive been using it for long time

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wtf @ 24bit
no one except audio does
and im pretty sure its because of all the reprocessing they do during mixes
youre not going to get anything except noise
for bits and bits
heh 19b effective res
this is not so bad
timecop: probably?
$3000 crimper
he did have a badass minimill
or no wait im thinking of professor

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i think the 1k is just there for io protection
so if you program it like, both output and on hi one low
you dont blow out your shit being stupid during debug
yeah i saw the clock
wait what
looks like a shottky
its slow tho

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neat audacity will import from avi
or itll try...
remaining time increasing...
still increasing
i wonder if ill regret trying to cancel it
neat it was like it was expecting it
money for braziltv?
you linked some shit
diode doesnt matter
not neccessarily
no idea how fast these things are going
keeps them from shorting each other im guessing

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he maybe doesnt want that 30 seconds
dx^: see if itll load into audacity

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it got crooked

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hmm it has some lame USI thing that isnt uart
i dont think they have parity and stop
this looks like spi shit
i wasnt telling you to use it
you should deal with that
im hungry
why do they want japtv

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this sumatra pdf shit is broken
i was trying to see if the cheap 8dip tinys have a gimp uart
but the bookmarks panel got stuck like 1/4" wide

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macegr: do i have to buy an tarduino now?
where does it get the air from?
its just drilled to the outside or what
or the throat
does it have a decent air filter?
yeh sounds like maybe they wear out quick
avr is same way
im pretty sure sam7 too
most the uart peripherals are kitchen sink style

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so hanging 12" and 18" speakers from hanging speakers with wire and running the bank of them at two diff resonance frequencies is weird
cuz theyll like sway slightly and you get weird phasing and detuning effects
its like some borg sounding shit

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would it be a bitch to check the fuel tank for debris and clean it?
maybe something is rusting in there or got dirt in it
oh wait its prob far now

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heh nice
makes dealing with fuel issues alot easier
budget carb
apperently thats all their is on that engine
was the jet removable?
or just like, drilled in
haha wow, so it really isnt adjustable
if its working great its not exactly a fail design
stupid easy to service
i thought it was old

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heh @ atronauts up inside the colbert module

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yeh something like that is prob better than a edge/dimensions layer

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chinapcb was 2mm i think
so you can do boxes with 1mm corner radius
or slots
no idea
i dont know how its layer system and post processor work so i dont know how it handles those
but i mean you can prob draw a box with lines on a layer
gerbers dont contain THP instructions that i know of
besides the edge route, i think all interior drills and routes get plated
i would just make it clear you want interior routes done before the thp process

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we have no such capability
rox never came back even to #cars
what do you mean rectangular
dude you do not wanna be taking cues on pcb from my work
what do you mean rectangular?
like with rounded courners?
or like a pointy corner one
pointy corners is either stamped (tooling) or laser (i dunno, maybe $$$)
if you have like a 1mm radius
at the corners
they can prob route it
at the cost of cheaper
and i think they can pth anything they want
the edges dont come out pth because i think routing out the boards is usually the last step
ask the boardhouse what their smallest router tool is
and use that radius, if its acceptable for this

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