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you should be happy about that
wtf is this 1975

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its 74 series and a basic gate i doubt its because some customer wanted them like that
good job
heh @ kmaps
i forgot how to do those
i forgot but i could figure it out again pretty quick
timecop_: you need someone to show you else its just weird
you circle stuff!

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i think im sick
jezus fuck on what devices arent they?
i know that was your point i was creatively agreeing with you
pharkus: omg looking to get bant
hi wat
die layout

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a jfet can be an nfet
and theres issues if you rev bias the gate
as their no barrier, in normal operation your basically just putting voltage on a rev biased diode at the gate
nfet means n-ch fet
say nmos or pmos if you mean mosfets specifically
im pretty sure jfets come in n-ch and p-ch
but i think maybe one of the dopings doesnt do enhancement, just depletion
or maybe the reverse
dunno mayve try a bjt from the 1.8v to switch the fet
if you cant find something that will work with 1.8V
you can prob find something that kinda works, just might not saturate at the currents you want
and i think youre doing a switcher for efficiency so thats prob a very bad thing

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tekrad: which gecko drive?
damn nm you better be asleep
is that like amoeba pitch bga or something?
doesnt sound too horrible
you gonna two layer it?

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leave for work in a few minutes

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