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omg this ltspice generic transistors Vbe has ruined my amp

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205R emitter, 2.05K collector, 8K and 1K base voltage bias resistors
is what my made up procedure does

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take 4.5V from 9v, divide answer by gain + 1, make that your low side voltage (common to emitter), calc the resistor to get 2mA thru it, add .65 to it to get your base bias voltage, multiply the emitter resistor 10x to get the collector resistor, select base bias resistors with a low enough value that base current error wont destroy them
i just made that up right now so i wouldnt trust it until you can tell me why its wrong

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i think you were more right before

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ha i spent a spring break going nuts over transistor maths, only to have people in my program like a year later go 'WE NEVER COVERED THIS OMG'
screw those guys yes we did =(
Vce is the last/easy part because it just happens because of primitive negative feedback sex
wtf is a q-point
yeah but where

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danielson: in class-A and -AB amps bias current usually refers to the idle current thru the output transistors from one rail to another
you dont set it like that
you bias the base and use Vbe to set voltage on a low resistor which sets current thru the transistor and the high side resistor
you can calculate error on your input divider by figuring out that re thing

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10K on the collector, 100K on the emitter, sensitivity will be limited to like 1/10 of your rails minus saturation voltage if you bias perfect
use 1K and 10K

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diong wtf are you french now

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w t f
I used prosciutto (Italian for "expensive bacon") because it is a superior engineering grade of meat.
heh, bacon alloy
A cucumber packed with beef sticks will burn for almost two minutes, and a completely vegetarian version stuffed with breadsticks, though not quite as long-lasting, still produces a very impressive flame.

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i dont like the way hss wears down
blackmoon: yeah at least theyre TiN coated

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hmm all HSS
youre getting one of those mill attachments to add a Y?
just get the pdf
its expensive =\
i dunno ive downloaded it
used it as much as my book

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tekrad: ok now they changed my digikey
parts list is now parts list/bom wizard
i wonder if they fixed that shit i was miffed about
cool at least they still keep the list of everything you put in your cart ever

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heh neat
gentoo is a personal thing
shouldnt be working on other peoples gentoos

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