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rab: http://www.dallasnews.com/sharedcontent/dws/dn/latestnews/stories/041909dntexhousebudget.e4ed7a0a.html
heh, nice

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theres one by where i used to work at the wood cnc job, like 1200ft^2 w/ office and bathroom, just under $1k
thats cheaper than most studio apartments
yeah like commercial didnt bubble like residential
because like the money you save in a month or two vs a 1 bedroom you can install a shower and put up a wall for a little room
or i move into an apartment or guest house or something
guest houses seem really cheap for some reason

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i could prob make a half decent one but tapping like 100 holes or whatever sounds shitty
like 1/10 the way in id be pissed at myself for not just buying one
sucks to move, i think im going to take a valium and crash out and maybe itll feel better when i wake up
no i mean move at all like my hip is doing a thing
and if im moving it prob wont be till summer at earliest
saving up moneys
heh, other hacker at work things i should move into a small shop/warehouse too

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i dont have a sherline
and its a 4x14" plate with tapped holes in a .5" matrix
i want to mount them sideways so they stick out towards the front
so i can hold large shit from out of the cutting envelope

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i almost clicked to buy the eee 900
but then i realized i wanted a pair of tooling plates more

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hi, do the maths
danielson: series resistance of the battery!
also i didnt know you were doing batteries i just got here

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itll usually say if thats not the case

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it does more shit, you dont have to fight the UI
and wtf components, just make them

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danielson: why are you using dicktrace?

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make a li-ion chipamp boombox

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oh weird
like its not glossy enough to fuck it up

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