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massive sciatica pain continues
work will be missed

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danielson: it would just take forever

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mini cooper dominates cadwell in both races \o/
but modem disconnect stole race 1 win
time warner robbed me
timecop: ?!
ya rly
backwards boom

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guys time for efnet historic GT
pharkus: weird, prob a short or a cold solder joint
maybe a cap shorted but now it blew itself open

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psu is protection mode
can you see under the board?
nothing there maybe shorting crap?
macegr: shiftbrites on their way to ceramic sandbox installation
she sandblasted the glass rods shes going to light up

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nd i think 2SC is NPN
check fuse!

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ha i thought one of my shiftbrite throbbers reset
because they were all purple
but then i noticed that the other string was all green
double wtf

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or like at work
all the speaker and hardware screws are mostly one size
so we have these same size hex bits everywhere
you usually dont have to go back to the toolbox, just kinda scan your general area

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who is cheater again
blackmoon: inclusion in hardware kits
is my guess

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hey man screws are important
at enco you can get hundreds of allen keys for like $5
all one size tho

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maybe it was the peoples favorite screw
i need #10-24 and #6-32 hex socket button head cap screws
maybe i should get torx tho!
usually the tool will strip first
heh, you can grind them down and theyll work again, heh

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i think mcmaster broke their site a bit when they upgraded it
omg the drama to get that link
neat i think you have to just do mcmaster.com/#<part number>
blackmoon: you want those, right?

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i have a set
yeah prob today or tomorrow
just standard threads tho i think
i need a metric set probably
oh weird
like it has diff size teeth around the edge?
like those shitty spark plug gappers

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i didnt buy shit from mcmaster yet so if you can find them there
you dont have a screw pitch gage tho probably
or i dunno do you?

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maybe after school is done

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kevtris: that pic is old ive prob skipped it after a minutes without seeing it five times
ive seen that

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i dont see it?
kevtris: k why am i shitting bricks
haha someone photoshopped a black kid into the black?

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!avr on
hmm maybe because im not opped
!avr on
from #electronics
k good luck

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