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nothing, some hip joint/sciatica thing
like nothing happens, it just decides to hurt for a few days then usually goes away

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dx^: not dead
kinda zombie
i woke up and it didnt hurt
it took maybe 20 steps before it came back
just fucking with me

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i took 3x more than what i took on sat night that made me miss the chinese gp
sucks i woke up i didnt even see the end of the race
i just heard the commentators talking about who won
diazepam = spoilers

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20ft total distance
like 3min
you want me to take 2 and a half of these

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420 woo, etc
a long-acting skeletal muscle relaxant and analgesic.
all i have is valium
iazepam (IPA: /da..æz.pæm/), first marketed as Valium by Hoffmann-La Roche, is a benzodiazepine derivative drug. It possesses anxiolytic, anticonvulsant, hypnotic, sedative, skeletal muscle relaxant and amnestic properties.
party, eh
alot i dont take them
hmm sec
possible a few min brb

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i have gov subsidized state shit right now
that would suck
*state subsidized private health care
i cant do that shit now
i would do 1/8 of one and cry
it took me like 20min to walk maybe 50 yards
with the pimp cane
hate the floor
anyway i would have to go to the living room
theres not enough floor in here
and that room is far yo
im chillin here right now

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alot of them are like max $2500 out of pocket expense after $500 deductible
tho that doesnt sound so horrible if i can find some ninja dr who can fix this
its totally like a mechanic tho
like you go in but it wont make the noise
by the time i get to see a dr itll be fine wont hurt
i kinda wondering if i can go to the hospital and just beg them
theyve done xrays i think

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ill do 30 of those
sets of 10
why do you think its a disc thing
ok yeah
like how
maybe i should just pay for the badass medical insurance
where i can just walk into specialists

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dx^: my hip joint thing feels destroyed
normally it is better by now but this time not so much
where te fuck am i going to swim
how do i make it stop hurting noooow
so im home from the show im like walking from the car
and every few painful steps of gimping im like OK FUCK THIS IM GOING TO WALK NORMAL
but then im like, no wait you cant remember
and this is somewhat disturbing to me
punch my other hip
dx^: yes i think obviously when i am better
but right now like moving i think is a bad thing
and then

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ignore it its obviously not the intended content
and that mic is shit it always pics of weird ambient and boosts it
good work
i need a new camera

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maybe if i hurt less in the next couple days ill go down and take better pics and vids

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macegr: i has vid
i was like mad unstable with my stick tho
sucked i couldnt get down towards the floor to get better pics
and i didnt get pics of the best display at all =(

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ok i gotta go

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im at 2

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thats the name of the ceramics show
kinda works because all her stuff looks like single cell blobby things
meh, i have to pimp hobble to my car, drive to csun and hobble to the building where the opening is
hmm no
i clicked on one, sec
well click to the one i am late
but its art
so its prob expected
hmm ok

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sry =(

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you tried or ruled out altium?

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im prob doing it tonight
im having screw indecision
i think im going to get button head cap screws for everything
unfinished stainless steel
because i dont think i want to make the aluminum panels black
i prob just sand them down and maybe clearcoat them

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macegr: okay neat i have phone confirmation of shiftbrite success
and i think i know where camera is
i saw its little extruded tripod feet

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i think i like the kief stuff better than the full melt hash

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blackmoon: 420
yeah buts its 420 on 420 for everyone right now
vertically speaking

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macegr: um nice cacoon

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bsd ports was neat

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it works ok as long as you dont mix/match shit
because deb has like 2 stable and 3 beta branches that are current
its weird how ubuntu experience is pretty awesome, when its just preconfigured debian

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i dunno but youd think some assburger would have coded up a web test by now

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i think it looks tacky when its obvious they came like that
anyway if i gotta wear them, they have to be baggy and straight leg
swoosh swoosh swoosh in the samurai style
hmm i lost the book with all the drs for my health plan

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fuck denim
im like the only one at work doesnt wear jeans
fuckin hip is thrashed
ha i got to jump to the front of the medical herb line because i was all gimping on a cane
first of all, i work in an office
2nd of all, denim cant fuck itself compared to dickies canvas
or mil BDU fabrics
theyre uncomfortable if theyre not way oversized
and they dont wear so well oversized because they dont flex well
looks neat, shrug

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but ran i dont this this is the real illuminati
this is wannabe illuminati

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so if the majority is just wrong
like if the majority are just idiot christian racists
with no love for science or intellectuals
then what
well that aside, what if more of them want nuts on their face than their are of us
who realize thats nuts in your face wont help anything
my point is i dont think they are lesson learning types
so in some fucked way we, the sane thinking people, will have to learn a lesson
i am not 100% aligned with this reasoning
obama fuckup #1: hillary runs the world anyway

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ground ate dx

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why do you have to take english

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i got up and it felt ok
but then 20 steps later it was fucked again

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i need a dr
no same shit like left side of hip
who yeh kinda behind knee under foot
well whatever it is it sucks
no its not my back that hurts
no dont say that!
yes if i sit on the floor i cross my legs
since forever
no i dont cross my legs
macegr: fu
i want my dreds back
hair is maybe halfway to dread starting length
then i have to look like a sideshow bob for 6mo

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dunno yet she was still setting up as of last night
she picked up both strings yesterday
opening is tonight
i will crawl if i have to
yeh i got batteries for cam i have to find cam
dx^: kinda i think
but i ended up sitting in front last time
kinda not really
moderate geeker cuteness
but she got a neat body
she always looking at me and playing with her hair and doing stretches to stick her chest out
but i saw her with these other geeker guy
and she jets after class
i did =(
not im just a guy with metal stuff in his head
she finished the midterm first
i took whole class but i got 26/26 \o/
hmm, okay maybe dx

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but that means i have to drive down the street to get herbs
which means i have to walk
and right now walking is the enemy
thats what the trig girls does
*trig girl
yeah kinda
i wonder if i will be a walking person when jfurs opening starts

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i have multiples of it even

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your terminal is dropping chars timecop

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we stopped having rain like two weeks ago

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thats cold
!ws 91335

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