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yeah its not like he has no degrees because HE CANT FINISH ANYTHING
its at coachella

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i should manufacture and sell santa fe beacon sims
then maybe it will be over
and he can move on to another project
will obviously be point to point across an avr dip8
pay some china rework girls to do them
then i gotta 118deg drill and silverpaint like 1000 leds tho
i wouldnt trust china with such complex processes

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even a crazy disabled big headed asshole old man should be able to pwn an led in 4 years
thats funny danielson bitched about that tone is the art throbber leds
the stk500 beacon sim vid has that same exact noise
she wasnt there
maybe she stopped going because i didnt show up last week

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and it was probably scalable to like 100
it was actually like cascaded beacon sim because i did like brightness and color
it took me maybe half a dozen weekends, slacking my ass off even when i was working
and i feel like it functionally kinda lame considering the time/flash/ram i had
wtf avrfreak beacon sim is like 4 years now?
to pwm one led
i mean schematic is like, vreg avr led resistor

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23:37 <@DX^> renesis: did you talk to trig show
is he still working on beacon sim?
stfu is he really still working on beacon sim?
i did beacon sim for 5x RGB leds

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the interweb is changing
we should do a web2.0 avrphreak site
maybe something like twitter
onlyk it reencoreids yoiur p oistrs lkkike t5hisk

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it doesnt have the hyaluronic acids
i think so
the last time it happened at the CNC place
anecdotally is good enough for me
hmm so maybe i need a better bed and to stop falling asleep on the couch
i should buy a full size foamy bed
ive seen that

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dx this is never gonna go away huh
well like the pain can go away i mean like fucked up spine connectors
ya rly
be like, ren why are you still in fucking school, 1) stop fucking smoking weed
and id laugh at you and shit but at least you have a fighting chance
actually my mother does timecop
i guess her and my grandma get the same thing =(
neat but useless cannot afford
this woot fails
thats a decent price if they actually work well
i still have lots i took half and then stopped for no reason

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so pushups on your back?
i dont get it
explain again totally different?
you lift the weights behind your back?
english teacher said i should get a back brace thing
go up then lift?
or go up and lift at same time
oh shit thats un arm pushup with weight so prob no
hmm that seems awesome for deltoids
k why
fuck that i hate that
massive muscle atrophy was prob the worst feeling ever

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i did
and yoga stuff
i started doing them when i could actually like, crouch down and get up
i made money today!
like, 4 hours of money
he said i had to lose weight to
he said if i didnt next time i came in he wouldnt treat me anymore =\
wtf is battle rows
haha he said weed is bad for me
because it makes me eat too much =\

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dx^: i think i pwned another trig test
tho this time i h4xd alot of problems by reverse engineering the answers
multiple choice, =\
oh and dr agrees with you
yeh sec he wrote a name for it...

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i made moneys today! \o/
i forgot my backpack at home im 20min late for class already bye =\

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rab: they overbooked and rescheduled me and then tried to reschedule me again like 30min later
than they called back again a little later
so initial impression of this dr: wtf
yeah i read that
they even dismissed a judge before him over music industry ties
they were like paid by copyright and music industry peoples

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is northrup grumman still a company?
they didnt get ate?
neat i guess
prob better to have more than two defence contractors
blackmoon: seems to be more of a repair thing on most the sites i found
k i has to go to dr and then work and then quiz or midterm or some shit
fun day =\
heheh ty im not sure which part you mean

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rab: i think the mill has metal powder prototype machines
er, the .mil
the people with the tanks and missiles and shit
like i guess they use them for parts on aircraft carriers
maybe its not metal, shrug
hi, US gov, not known for being stingy with the defence funds
you think they stock whole F16s for spare parts?
prob tons of plastic shit on those things

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rab: we have an FDM machine, been doing mid/tweeters horns, kickplates for speakers, midi dj chassis stuff
its definitely not structurally awesome or visually pleasing
you gotta kinda squint your eyes
useful machine i guess for $20K
CNC gluegun
controller is lunix based, the code is something proprietary works with their software to import solid models
we have the ABS one
one does polycarbonate but i guess that one is like $100K or something
its weird how its layered its like fake plastic wood

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ty for real date codes mr rab

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fox news does something right

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