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ha careful
what are you shimming it with?
foamy fabric

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what kind of mem is it?
dx^: i have ddr400 im prob never going to use again
512mb sticks i think
i has 4gb \o/

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that works
how much you have left?
that would suck

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omfg psych class is boring
its like 5% interesting
dx^: yeh bad rams suck
symptoms = random
that is bad ive never had that happen
dx^: are you sure its not psu related?
i had bad ram issues with the geil mem i had in the socket a system
RMA'd it, they said it was fine and sent it back
new psu fixed it
i used to get consistent memtest86 errors on two of the tests before the psu

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explosions and wind?

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ha buy alot of little tanks
(tortoise shell ray-ban wayfarers)
wtf @ new rayban flash
they gave me a lighter and theres some dynamite in a paint can and theyre like LITE THE FUSE
it was yellow paint dynamite
that was dissapointing

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how big a bottle?
i can see them bitching because you could damage the valve
but maybe people do it all the time, shrug
circular saw?
oh like a miter saw
dunno they just look bigger
like around the pivot
whatever at leasts its strapped down!

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my internet is being stupid
wonder if its the cable to my room the living room tv never seems to fuckup
]i dont know where that is
its an apartment building so its got like generations of cable installed
most of it is dead, alot of its fucked
like everytime they have to fuck with the cables they end up with like 4 cable guys here
trying to figure it out so i dont even know where the cable comes in initially

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