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yeh because its easy when youre the one who made the flu
tekrad: is really not as nazi as it is 1984/engsoc
and yeah i dont think any americans have died
besides the immigrant baby
yeh a baby

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yeah but if youre making an adjustable thing you would want it to go to like 400
400 wasnt bad but it was close
old vap bros is wire and something
so apperently this flu has never been found in pigs?

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not hot enough
i think athlons are die rated at like 60C or something
anyway, 100C and its def melting, thats only 212F, you need like 400F to vaporize
also the tray in a bubble vaps arent so great
get a vap bros and digitize it

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wat about it
almost out of keef
i should have bought more herbs on 420
they had a sale
yeah i only bought two eighths
and some keef
then how come youre not smoking =\

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parametric eq at work is fail the same way my very first electronics project is
needs center tapped pots

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dx^: k email address

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