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thats weird lookin
wtf is that
its got weird clutch at the end

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they go on the connecting rods
and into the block
when engines fuckup bad theyll like slide and make shit worse =\
one side has an oil journal
its flooded with oil
yeh kinda
roller bearings would break i think
theyre actively lubricated and theyre hard steel
bushings are usually soft
my tool is wearing out
im cutting mounting blocks for my mrtube amps
want to try and test them next week

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okay how do you do cams
once again im like, 4th axis
and people are cheering in the streets
and i know what cam profiles look like i just hav no idea what you mean
no the camshaft
yeah i can drill them out
of machine off chunks
so mine is that +2
and like, offset in 120d incriments
instead of 180
thats for oil!
no multipiece
you can do it with a 4th axis
dude, little engine
and i prob want to do it shorter stroke
its not like i have to fit it in a modern cab forward automobile

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blackmoon: i6 would prob be easier to tune
theyre balanced better
nothing will fail!
i dunno how to do a crankshaft
4th axis
dude thts madman
wtf are you, like from the 70s or some shit
that shit would work too =\
haha thats such a big bar of stuck
i can do full circles
and drill them
no thats bad
because its long
because i6

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im not using coolant =\
20ipm 4200rpm .020 deep
guys i want to make a little i6 engine
aluminum, water cooled
it does but its messy and i have nothing around

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yeh dunno its not like im trying to bend them, heh

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you can barely see .001
you can feel smaller than that tho
on machines edges you can see it really clearly in the light
like itll reflect at the right angle and and itll look way bigger
you can see toolmarks too, like from each cut
and thats def sub .001
hss will get hot and dull and start flexing
the 1/8" shank stuff ive used

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i need to tram my spindle
i have the endmill all stuck way out
because im cutting deeper than length of cut like a fool
theres like maybe .001 steps between edges of passes
sucks you have to do it with shim stock to tram along the Y

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if you use a dye or like a sharpie, you dont have to scratch the metal just the dye

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get your not good set of calipers, measure across, divide by two, and then draw cirles with this radius with the caliper tips or your compass things from the edge of the disc

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dunno, lathe and a 4 jaw chuck and some dial indicators to set it up
or a mill and setup skills

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i need this part to be done so i can bust out the optimizes less sucky code

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theres degrees involved in one calculation!
If a light source emits one candela of luminous intensity uniformly across a solid angle of one steradian, its total luminous flux emitted into that angle is one lumen.
whatever the fuck it means, it involves shape of the light not just intensity
anyway, all those cheap high output leds are narrow, if they werent theyd say so, theyd sell more
ive put like 20 in parallel, shine a blob couple feet wide like 20ft away
theyre not bad theyre just not special, and suck as status indicators

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ok im liking this mastercam shit and i havent even done anything complicated yet

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its a trick
yeh they dont say the focus angle
mcd is just light in a small area not total light output like lumens
so they will sell like 10deg leds with mcd ratings because the numbers are super high
theyre pretty neat if you want something long focus
.10 cheaper per led

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wow big diff on how even the lighting is
hey look whats missing from the specs list

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thats neat i want a real camera
colot in that is really neat
heh the read on his head and back kinda makes him look glowy

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mastercam is pretty neat
it hasnt crashed any tools yet
wait more?
i saw 3 did you take lots?
okay time for finish passes!
i cant hear it cutting

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i have an extra taig headstock
maybe i can do like a little lathe on my mill table
because i bought the whole headstock when i converted mine to ER16
it was only $20 more than the bearing insert
its a mill
i think its the same headstock as their lathe actually
i can stick it on a block
blackmoon: mill spindles are made for side loading
thats why its not a drill
same type of feed machanism as a MIG
you are now moons best friend

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blackmoon: i was at a trade show a few weeks ago, the 80kpsi booths has like blocks of granite and shit, 1" and thicker, cut all clean
but the guy said they suck to maintain
oh huh
Y axis moon
Z is always your spindle, you have Z and X

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wat a flange
i could make those
theyre not tall
my machine has 12" x travel
and an 18" table
it would just take forever on my machine with a 3/8" em =(
dont do waterjet youll kill yourself
supposedly the 80psi machines eat themselves
normal maintenance machine is like 40kpsi

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they imported big castings and then finished them and assembled them in chatsworth by my work
theyre gone now =(
for lease sign on the factory
tekrad: also they had a showroom
i guess they were bought by some very very high end machine company
they had this 20ft horizontal machine center
from their parent company
.0001 is toolroom cnc
looks like a router for balsa so far

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then you want to have a stationary z
and you want mass
you want some ridiculous big iron casting
i think not much
you should learn to cnc machine before building a cnc machine
you can get a pretty badass cnc for $10k
like, as far as little cnc
not in action
sculptor: i was at the fadal factory
they had some huge grinders converted to their controllers
also this room size machining center
with like huge conveyors

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blackmoon: did you read my wtf about grounded collector amps?
like some pro audio 2000W type class G/H things
yeh its just a dial indicator
some are better than others =(
blackmoon: omg you dont care about my amp discovery =(
yeah but not output transformer
power transformer
cnc router ftw

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zeeshan: i do pretty much everything inches but it doesnt matter

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i dont know what the screws on the taig are made out of
i should call and ask
no i mean the leadscrew
its all cap screws except the bolt that attached the colummn to the base

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o which reminds me i have that book for her
haha i started reading it, fake plants written up all academic
more weird, less words:

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shes been dating a guy for years
heh or it was years ago or she just hasnt told me
i think i met that guy a couple years ago

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TiAlN is def sexier than TiN
fuck yellow

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blackmoon: do you want endmills?
i was prob going to get 3/8 and 1/8 tialn
i can send with your bolt

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they work really well
only the very tips break off

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maybe for big pcb
tho i have broken pyramid cutters
and they seem to work awesome for .012+ pcb stuff
i dont think i could do the same precision
they were 30deg down to .005
and you could see how they were reflecting how ridiculous flat it was ground
but see when they break they end up being around .010
and they break sharp because carbide
like about .006+
for normal copper
i think the copper is .004 thick?
also i dont have a grinder

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blackmoon: only down to .010 tips too

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i wonder how much of their business comes from their warehouse cities
vs the world
because the extra cost is offset by like the instant delivery incentive
im willing to pay an extra $5-10 to have it now for some stuff

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hmm you mean the stepped pulleys?
oh hmm
machine supply places
mcmaster has them for too much most likely
consider belts and pulleys
if you get stepped pulleys, you can make an engine mount that pivots around the Z axis
and its super quick to change spindle speeds
yeh because alot of their stuff is chemical
the stuff that doesnt weight like 1000lb
oh fuck im sorry i need to do that order
yeh the other thing i think they just dont have the shipping setup
its international freight
yeh i wonder how much of the shipping they are doing or it is handled by the customers

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no actually ive had 1/8" and 1/16" endmills with TiN
that 1/16" lasted forever before it got too dull to cut well
like 10-20ipm @ 10k thru FR4 pcb
full depth edge routes
i got a stack of maybe 40 pcb plates ive cut
i bet that one 1/16" endmill cut like 80% of them
yeh i dunno
i think it depends how off axis the conical tip is

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with a 32 tpi screw, 1536 steps, thats maybe okay for pcb
kostix: http://2linc.com/engraving_tools_pyramid.htm
both in 30deg, .005 tips
pcb down to around .005 space trace
no im going to get some soon tho

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thats the other tradoff with stepper cnc
like, small machines
higher power youre prob more likely to damage the machine
under too much load
lower power stepper, theyll just kinda lock up
well, earlier
in both cases you have to catch the failure or risk tool crashes from lost steps anyway
yeh on something with rails like that, enough power and youll maybe bend something before it locks up
how many steps per rev?
oh hmm
its worse than .001 with 20tpi screw

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i built the BPA-200 on my bed
the cardboard i was using as bench is still there
mrtube: so im just going to machine the blocks and use calipers as spaces before i solder
prob machine them this weekend
so ill have test data on the amp next week
i havent built crossovers yet, tho
ha why
pfft this aint work and it aint school and it aint a project for someone else
so its like priorirty #1000
which sucks but thats reality for now
they were 16mm?
prob do light cuts in aluminum
maybe full depth in wood if you get the sppeds right
mrtube: that must be neat

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longcat: yeh thats kinda how class-G works
who was new guy last night who was building the cnc?
ah, zeeshan
kostix: hahaha
anyway zeeshan you and kostix can prob help each other youre doing like the same project
kostix: but yeah thats funny, your vid
thats all we did in first semester of cnc school

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zzzz_: hi
i didnt know =(
the old hacker at work laughed at me he says he did the same thing first time he saw the schema and realized
he like in his 50s and he not allowed to eat cookies anymore
and hes like I DONT WANT TO DO THE SMT but now he has to
yeh layout wise

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macegr yes those are the best pieces
oh i think i know this guy
mrtube: yes
mrtube: heh QSC amps are weird
grounded collector output
like, the speaker isnt really connected to the output section of the amplifier
its connected to the center tap of the power transformer secondaries
and the output transistors just pull current thru the transformer

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yeh but so is water in the wastes
that usually means its time to go over to the machine and turn the spindle off because its done

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haha wtf at this msnbc zeitgeist stuff
no the news on it guys kinda funny
all i watch mostly is msnbc now, cnn gets stupid without being funny
larry king is boring
i dont care
theyre making me watch commercials on the internet

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