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their english site is still somewhat german

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blackmoon: morning

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it says 1 pack
haha each individually packaged

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so its got two screens
screen and like wires
oh neat both sides
neat you get three of them

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timecop: did you ever post pics of the boar i did?
hahah @ doing wild pigs
the fucking pcb
well at least your honest
what manner of it
haha what
damn i feel all behind on bug hunting technology
we have made in china stuff

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ER16 option adds like $1000 to the taig
you can get the manual mill converted to nema23 steppers for like $1000
i converted to ER16 it was like $120 and i got a while new headstock

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ha woah taig prices went way up
also Maximum Travel Speed: 30 in/min.
i never read that! i was doing 45ipm rapids for awhile

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