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material safety datasheet

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they called it a microquake, heh
oh, i dont think so
its just a dye for visual reference in machined stuff
you can tin it
mgchemicals makes something...
thats fiberglass
the msds for that is fucking scary

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single jolt
we just had an earthquake
north los angeles
like 40mi from san adreas and right on top of a bunch of medium size faults
that was like high 4
was little but it was two miles away
A microearthquake occurred at 12:47:35 AM (PDT) on Monday, May 4, 2009.

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you like brush it on the metal and you can scrape lines into it
its very thing so litely dragging caliper or height micrometer tips on it makes fine lines you can see

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kostix: http://www.use-enco.com/CGI/INSRIT
this stuff is neat, for you marking the center of a disc problem
thing dye, will scratch way with caliper or height micrometer tips
*thin dye
also when you get it on your hands it makes you look like a shoplifter

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wtf how does the speed of light get involved
ok because magnetics i guess

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heh i think he said thru the week?

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guys should i move into a shop
i maybe have to leave teh cat with my mom
i hate those driver control panels
so no one has played mirrors edge or wat
the free running game

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mrtube: im like half done with a set of mounting blocks
i have to wait to get #4-40 drills and taps
my work kinda pissed me off
i know
im going to space the blocks with calipers
yeh im doing it all cnc
taking kinda long but i want everything fitting perfect
iive never had my wisdom teeth dealt with
guys anyone played mirrors edge
least you dont miss work

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k np
i bet there is some mad genius mathmetician trick
too bad dx is drunk
how do you reverse the bits in avr asm
not invert
reverse the order

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friend of mine has a cheap room correction dsp thing
does pink noise thru the system and samples from a omni mic
then figures out an eq curve
works pretty neat
oh weird
rab: hmm not sure
if i couldnt think of anything better i would do sbrs type stuff
prob take like 20 cycles tho
do shifts
into the carry bit
then out of it into the other end
that is maybe 16 cycles
i cant think of anything magical involving swaps tho
yeh shift left into carry, then shift right from carry
its smaller and faster than bit tests and skips
sometimes retard asm works out faster anyway

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rab: most rooms in general cant do deep bass
the optimal size for like below 100Hz is like a small warehouse =(
yeh everything comb filters you can really measure shit well, unless youre doing relative measurements from the same location
*cant really

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i was a dsp crossover =(
we have one at work im going to tune the biamps im building with it
before i assemble the active xover
omg its so neat
*i want a
yes its quite fun
dx^: !?

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thats neat
most those little monitors sounds pretty good
just the little ones have no bass
yeh like they have bass for a 5"
but its still a 5"

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its prob a pair of chipamps
heh neat
everything in china is glued =\
the mackie had the amps in back so it didnt need to be airtight
and then a little port from the front chamber to the back panel
rubber gasket, the boards were little smt things

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kostix: do you like them?
i think we have the 5s or 6s at work
do you remember if there is vents in the back panel?
besides the port, for the amps
yeh but other vents, like im wondering if they have seperate chambers for the amps like the mackoes
oh, nack neat
guess not they are like krks

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are those mackies?
blue leds usually is, heh

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oh mrtube is gone
im like half done with the blocks to test amper
i could finish but i need drills and taps for the stupid to-220 screw

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irssi #1
usually putty is also involved

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so use dual and gnd a channel
k really im mad because i bought 10 opa2134
prob more than 10
but i needed opa134
i mean its awesome to have 2134 lying around but wtf i have to buy more stuff thats not cool

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fuck single channel opamps

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i knew the almonds were bad for me but like 2500 calories is awesome bad for me
like it makes them tastier somehow
sesame is so good it sucks they use sugar to make it stick to everything
except bagels

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like maybe 5x10"
pretty full
dude omg
and its 5x10" flattened out
maybe smaller, but its filled to the top its alot of them
i should mix them in with the dried cranberrys
theyre cheaper and like not so many calories and no fat
i wonder if the dried ginger things are bad for me
theyre really good so im guessing the soak them in sugar water or something

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blue gatorade is awesome
its orange without the sour
haha oh shit
i bought this bag of sesame honey almonds
the whole bag = 2550 calories
thats some energy yo!
ive had like a handful today
but i think ive eaten a bag over a whole day, tho

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macgyver0, ccfl_man
ha everyone else kinda newish ask someone else
sculptor and kostix have been around awhile in other chans tho
hahaha what
any coke > pepsi

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i am so bad at tab complete
who the fuck are these people
me i think
i stopped using that crappy ass shell
if you have a tw addy it should be same
oh, maybe diff username
oh maybe macegr because he moved few months ago
or maybe he has more than one computer (!)

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so like, 3k posts on a forum all of a sudden means youre not an idiot?
i did notice and wonder, tho
youd think he be bant before
but possibly he kept his personal business out of it until then
yeh rly
dealing with kief makes me feel like a cokehead
im all afraid to sneeze or move quick
like, garden weeds
i guess
k, kinda

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k it got better it went back to dnb
this is pendulum i think?
sounds fine and levels ok tho

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`nico: yeh
i hear house beats =(

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hmm nope
`nico: nothing happen @ link
i tried in foobar2000
usually browsers will ask me what to open

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its 1mW thru 600R
sqrt(.001*600) 0.77459666924148337703585307995648
its weird tho because pro audio levels are supposed to be -4dbu max
pro audio is like +10dbu
some amps also use their clipping point as 0db, and then have the scale backwards
like, dynamic range headroom
home audio is supposed to be -4dbu
hmm 404 maybe feed to fb2k...

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`nico: dbu is referencing .775v btw

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inittab: k lemme just go put it in the stock market
ha fuck that i lose everything =(
anyway im not saving that long im just puttingt aside tax monies
because my job is assholes
i almost have tax monies saved up for rest of the year, THEN ALL MY MONEY WILL BE MINE \o/

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i have like $3k in my savings acct they still charged me the $3 service fee
after giving me $.06 in interest
i thought they only did that for under $100

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