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heh i had mcdonalds as a baby =\
ive been told i was into the french fries

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INGESTION: Not expected to be a problem. Seek medical attention if discomfort occurs. Do not induce vomiting.
mobil vactra way oil is not so bad for you!
omg poor bunnys, they tested skin irritation on them
shaved bunnies covered in way oil =\

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anyway im going to look for my calc some more
i want to do like 3 chapters tonight
er swap chapters with sections i guess
three chunks yo

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with token cited research
hopefully im done with classes like that forever
prob not tho
worked with my schedule and i knew i could add into it
ms brown already gave up (we coincidentally took the same class)
(ms brown is troublemaker girl)
i used to study electronics in other classes
i miss taking fun/useful classes
tho trig is kinda fun just working all the time being tired makes it kinda suck
my schools was pretty good
i want to retake it =\
the RF, i dont think id get anything out of the analog courses
its dying here
which is sad
kinda starting to wonder if defence factories will move away too
they prob okay, dunno tho

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its kinda like the transision between glendale/pasadena and san bernadino
heh, like white east LA, or something
everywhere does
east LA has more
kinda what defines it
heh my mom grew up there
meh, im in a shitty mood, my brain is like coming up with reasons why i should be, sucks
i need to find my mufucking calculator
trig, im behind
im like, perfect scores on all the tests so far tho
yeh thats the plan
i did but then i lost my calc
anyway laters
i do have psych homework too
i have to write some 5 page thing on three of them five major psychological schools of thought

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i misplaced the fuck out of my calculator
fuck i really didnt need any more help procrastinating
should be doing homework
i emailed schools about admission for fall
pomona and csun
everyone saying i should go to csun
if i get into csun im prob going to be like fuckit and go anyway
csu northridge
yeh im kinda lucky about that
pomona is a bit far
its not deep tho

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heh, hope that doesnt become some sort of involountary reflex

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i have 1680x1050, its nice

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co2 doesnt turn the sky brown
our whole existance isnt viable for the future
military wont ever be green its the military

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yeah because all your idiots come here
whats wrong with that?
dude smog is a problem here
sorry we dont have 300 people towns
see so you know what happens when the air gets nasty
we did they ignored us
because all we do is bitch
mekius: hybrids prob wouldnt have happened if it wasnt for cali laws
it isnt co2
its co

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and yeah
we broke international law
canadia didnt
places like that dont count
okay i have 300 people within like 200 yards probably
and theres enough crime to make up for your 300 person town
theyre not really diff than americans
because theyre all diff
canadians from where moon is and canadians from the middle and canadians from quebec are totally diff
like, dastically different
they get more pissed off
i wish all of america would just kill itself
so just california and canadia was left

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normal flu has a predictable migration pattern
they go someplace else, find the flu, make vaccine
and sell it here, by which time that flu strain has prob changed anyway
mekius republicans are like 100x worse
the right
2 party politics is kinda retarded
but republicans are straight braindead
same reason we will annex you

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gotta save $10 more, fuckit we dont need that shit
how are they making their shit that cheap, fuck gotta use a cheaper factory
you already are
you cant fight the mil
you could have like 50% defection rate
and the mil prob still win
1 in america
who wasnt american
it didnt come from pigs

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pharkus: oh cmon nobody?! this convo goes on all the time
great meme images are based on it
yes you are, right now!
pharkus: do you ever play freecell?
that shit is hard
you want to let greedy people do whatever they want?
competition can drive down quality too
gotta get this product to the market now, fuckit its only 80%

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i can do this all day =)
i dunno then stop trying to argue the point
oh cmon its obviously that apple computer products are proprietary trash
a thinkpad is sexier and more useful and probably cheaper

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theyre fragile junk, see people carrying them around like theyre made of glass
like, wow they pwm the apple logo led with a sine wave
ig you put any weight on their aluminum covers theyll flex
and wont latch right
yeh sorry if i have to choose a laptop that expensive...
i want the one i can do work on
$1500 is a really good pc laptop
its like almost a netbook sized apple
theres nothing an apple can do that a pc cant with the exception of a couple of mac only audio production apps
which theres are tons of windows alternatives for
its not running standard pc form factor hardware
it doesnt have a standard pc case and psu
theyre known to overheat
when people call me about problems with their macs, the probs are always random, intermittent, and happening on hot days

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its not bad, its why it has a terminal
apple is about marketing, #1 priority for them
alot of their shit is like, high concept, low functionality, overhyped bullshit
im not trying to give them money
and im sorry...
3k for a laptop and it only has one button
i mean if thats not worthy of a boycott i dunno what is
um, people insult osx constantly
in tech channels, in stoner channels, at work, friends who are going to art school
the only person who doesnt seem to talk shit about their mac is my ex
and thats because her family got it for her
well, tech chans and stoner chans and thats like 80% of efnet right there
and apple laptops are just flashy

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ubuntu is nice
fuck xchat
the only thing cool about osx is theres a bash terminal hiding inside it
aqua ruins the whole system imho
fucking window manager for retards
ive never liked it, how it handles windows and dcc and some other minor things
tube theres like 50 wm for linux
theres like 3 or 4 i love
theres maybe 10 i would prefer over aqua
gnome, kde, xfce, flux/black/openbox
they all kinda suck compared to *box wm
osx feels dumbed down, lacking options, etc etc etc
typical apple product
also stupid shit like how come apps wont maximize all the way
its bsd
most of the config files still have bsd headers in them

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it runs on a mac
so fuck safari
is it developed by apple?
i dont want to use it
chrome and firefox
yes both
your point?
yeh rly im hurting for that extra couple megs
i like chrome
but some sites are broken in it
these sites are usually less broken in firefox
and yeah
chrome renders faster than firefox
but 90% of the time, the sites upload is more a factor
and the diff is usually like, fractions of a second

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18:20 < danielson> Rubbing alcohol would prob work...don't want to fuck up the clearcoat
omfg if alc fucks up clearcoat im laughing
other hacker at work says i have to go there, ill have orgasms
he is possibly correct judgind by the pics
mrtube: hi

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it would be a weird assymetrical pyramid with on few sq inches of surface plate on top
its cracked at a funny angle
yeh ill just chisel away at it with one of our harbor freight tools
maybe we can try to lift it with the fork lift and accidently 'drop' it
its like 6" thick

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its just like a corner thats broke

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not starret either
something & something
i think was in the name
work has old vernier mititoyos
like 6ft
its goofy its like a .001 scythe
we have a bunch of inspection shit thats all left out or abused
theres a cracked granite inspection plate
its stacked under stuff in the corner of the warehouse
also height micrometers that are covered in dust and missing the tip piece
like maybe 3x4', bit smaller
at least 6" thick
on a steel stand
no cover, covered in dust

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12x9x2 granite block, .0002 flat, $28 shipped
theyre like $12 at enco
that cant be that much
im guessing like 40 lbs?
yeh thats like almost twice as big
get a little one
so i guess its only $13 shipped
my last job had digital ones, good brand but i forgot which
no wasnt

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