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that would be neat too
my vbelt slips it kinda pisses me off
direct drive speeds would prob suck tho
what happened to your ancient compressor
oh like which one

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mcmaster or online metals
ha online metals sent me an email saying they wouldnt ship until all my stuff was in stock and cut
so i wouldnt be billed for shipping twice
then they sent them seperate
i emailed after the first one like WTF YOU EMAIL SAID !??!
i didnt get charged
no they cut it for me
wasnt much more $$
place next door never has the sizes i want
looks like they mostly do steel bar and tube
no from work
the place that used to be calmet
its all steel and iron tho

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mine hiss
you turn on the drives and its like water running
® air leaking
how the fuck did i make those characters
oh cute
ive never seen a cnc saw that small
well automated
oh weird
what else do i need from mcmaster

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they handle more power and i guess it has resonance compensation and supposed is better at microstepping
xylotex does too, thats what the prob was on my z
it didnt like 1/8 step mode anym0re
i guess back emf
i dont really know
also its tested and popular, good reputation
and they come in enclosures
not really
its a bit for heatsinking and a bit just tp keep shit off the pcb
they have terminals sticking out one end
its a step above a raw pcb setup
tho you can buy those from them too
hahah @ silent 20khz switching
you know youre hearing that
you can hear the coils

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like i was doing 20ipm thru aluminum at .020 depth
and if it cant even do that kinda stuff fuck that
dude its a stepper nc
and if it had hand cranks im sure i could do all sore of shit like that
manual mill is like an art
anyway they skip and your fucked
alot of times you wont know
yeh, emc is set up for that
i do!
but im prob going to upgrade
the X and Y motors at least
no i need Z
thats really the only thing ive every had a prob with
in 1/8 step mode it was locking up
i put it into 1/2 step mode, it stopped
blackmoon: it doesnt have alot of power so its just more loading
actually yeh maybe that does work
haha youd have Z backlash tho
anyway i think its the xylotex
i might get a 4ch decko driver
*gecko drive

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thats sexy
how much does a chunk that big cost?
oh thats not that bad
local place?
shipping would be fucked =(
enco has tiny inspection plates
b grade, $14
shipping is as much as the plate
i want one but i dont really have any place for it
yeh theyre .0002
im like thats more than good enough for anything im doing
and its cheap enough i could use it to lap heatsinks and shit
who cares if it gets ground down a bit
i want to get some gage blocks for setup
so i read a forum post that was like, those quick toolchangers for the taig slip
sounded like medium duty stuff, like rough machining aluminum at conservative depths
it sounds like theyre maybe good for alot of stuff

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omg how thick?
square tube is sexy
how wide is it?
like 2" or something?
so i didnt complete my mcmaster order last night
i dunno i think i went to hit place order
and ended up wanting to get some more stuff
and fell asleep
i was all sad today at work nothing came =(
screws mostly
for mounting chipamps to aluminum blocks, and blocks to a plate
also some big 5/16-18 3.25" bolts
for the toroid
all stainless steel unfinished button head cap screws
i made sure i didnt order
i called at like 9:45
they picked up
and that looks pretty neat
what is the top going to be?

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you guys have seen this right
bookmark it
the internet predates history
i dunno thats relative
i have like 1MB/sec down
bit more
bytes not failbits

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theyre initialized rats from flash?

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the casters may be an issue too depending how cheap the bearings
yeh that would prob work

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i think itd prob work, a file id be worried about messing up the finish
like actually creating new surface roughness to scratch up your mating parts
yeh i was thinking more just try and get that small area a bit lower than flat
to ensure the nick isnt above the flat surface
but yeh if you do to large an aera it could create issues
thats just for the bottom?
$299 seems cheap for the whole thing
thats not a bad price still, just for the bottom
thats shits like a lifetime buy
i need to organize my shit
sucks i go to work and its just as disorganized
i think maybe the steel is to thin to make a very good machine table

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im guessing its because 3/8" is common for fixture hardware
heheh my 123 block bolts are ridiculous huge compared to evcetrything else on the taig
i dunno
no 10-32
i have little bars that slide in the side
with holes in them for 10-32 bolts to mount to the table nuts
the 3/8 are for the step blocks
i use the 123 blocks with step clamps mostly
123 block, step clamp, 3/8 bolt w/ spherical washers
heavy sandpaper
the emery or silicon carbide stuff

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good luck if you end up taking it
thats neat
my company is really good about failing
wow thats really neat
we are small for a big company

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i think he means drilling into the bolts themselves
but iunno
inittab: hi
blackmoon: also hi
have you played with your stk500 anymore?
me too
i have to go do some more trig homework
if i dont finish is all for nothing!
tho i mean its not like the lib arts AA is gonna mean anything to anyone
yeah kinda
except maybe certs
but alot of those seem like you can just learn on your own
you prob know most the stuff on the cert test by now anyway?

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blackmoon: haha what
i havent really gotten into a cartoon since cowboy bebop
so what...
like maybe 6 years =\
metalacolypse is pretty neat tho

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family guys is better than the simpsons now
the simpsons used to be like 10x better

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