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no, then controllers are smart enough tokeep track
thats just best case scenario

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kostix: nope im open loop
not often
ive never had it where i couldnt do something to fix it
prob under $100 for homebrew

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haas minimills are neat
but i mean its the size of a small van
slacker_: heh like if you tipped the van on its butt
i wonder whats up with the fadal at school
ha sucks they will get zero support for it now
moon lives in bc
hes never seen the sun

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my machine was $2k
and its tiny
you can get a manual taig for like $1k
yeh rly
not at this level
you could grind it tho
yeh you wont have the precision
you prob mean 4 or 5 but even then, you need tool making precision

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not enough
pcbs and aluminum parts
blackmoon: k the vacrtra stuff is weird
its not thick at all
its sticky
it comes in diff weights
but check it out, it sticks to the z boxways
but you can see metal chips like flowiing thru it downwards
in electronics, you cry because a part is $3 instead of $2

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they have decent balanced cable too

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man they love gluing everything
the japanese and south asians dont glue so much
we have neutrik looking combo jacks that say newtide
heh, which is funny because most people just look really quick for the neutrik logo in the right spot
quick look you wouldnt realize
not rly
couple dollars for a connector
neutrik is like $2
wait where are you
they wont ship to mexico?

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theyre pretty rigid, but theyll flex if you put enough force into them
sometimes theyll have rubber or like, sliced up metal
i dunno really, never shopped for them
oh haha
ive seen people using reinforced rubber hoses
and hose clamps
oh its an assembly on my mill
motor goes onto the mount, leadscrew goes thru a bearing block
both have ends that have holes for the pins
like, theres a ton of ways to do it but basically you want to deal with misalignment and try and damp the motor/screw coupling
but you dont want it to flex so much it throws the machine off
yeh rly

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off ebay, yes
bit more retail
i want some new motors
i have these weird octagon frame steppers for my x and y
yeh thats the size of my z motor
they make 570oz/in nema23?
you usually want a coupler
something that allows some flex and damping
gears would just be more backlash issues
taig has these plastic pins thats fit into mating pieces

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does that shit rly say that
scientific notation needs to fucking die
what is Nm in Oz/in
those are like 120oz steppers?
yeh im calculating 1 N/m
i did
thats why i calced 1N/m not whatever it says
my z is 270oz/in
which is about as big as nema-23 gets
i think they make them a bit bigger

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it has slanty hips, so it wants to fall off any stand you put it in

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but yeh im not really using either much
i think i paid like almost $200 for the bass
but like it was exactly what i wanted
black jbass with tortoise pick guard
for the same price as a squire jbass
its been abused =(
that shit has been knocked over onto its tuning pegs so many times
best case it needs to have the tuning pegs pulled off and the metal kinda reshaped, flattened
and new longer screws, and truss rod adjustment
worse case needs a whole new neck
also the thing i love about it is why it kept falling over

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k well youre misleading peoples
dunno maybe like $120
mexican fender j-bass

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my hands are all wrong for it, bass is more fun
its usually aluminum
tho apple can call it titanium, so...
where is ac
he was saying something about wanting a bass and amp

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are you fucking singing rush in the channel
timecop is a rush fan
you guys should start your own channel
no rush is really the only other music ive ever heard him say anything positive about
and he managed to talk shit about them while saying he liked them it was pretty awesome
w/ elmo samples
are you a musician?
musicians almost always love rush and dream theater
have you ever had any instrument ever?
heheh guitar is hard!

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yeh the black zinc finish is pretty nice looking

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blackmoon: i has your bolts

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