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ha @ palin in topic

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hmm cant find where i put mine

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tekrad: pdf, pirat sourced

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21:38 < zeeshan> i need a machinerys handbook where to get one cheap :D
most the data is pretty much the same in all the editions
also its online
machine bible is a nice book tho, if you can afford one, even an old one, you should get it
where is dx
trig just got all scary

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anode on Vout and cathode on Vin
of the vreg

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i think pin3 of that jack is the switch pin
when you put a jack in, itll push the gnd lead away from the switch lead
it wont work
also you want a reverse biased diode from IC1 in to IC1 gnd
that way if your input caps discharge before your output caps you dont have rev voltage across the linear reg
looks sane
tie the open end of the pots to the wiper so theyre not hanging
and put reverse protection diodes
if theyre going to be fixed you dont need R1/R2/R3/R4

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wat wat
hurry i got to go

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i know i did theres no schema there!

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im not even sure the 80 lead shield grounds are connected both sides
i dont think he came here
did he?
that dud left out the protection diodes?
the lm317
oh i think he remembered
there is no schematic he just like SOLDER LIKE THIS with pics
oh i closed it =(
i think he does at the beginning
he uses special perfboard with weird 3pin busses

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This looks like a fairly simple build with unlimited uses.
wtf @ unlimited uses
oh hey i need 100V @ 15A
lets get the 12V LM317
no im making unlimited use joke!
directly in parallel?
he ran 40 lines of coax to it?
when the fuck was this
well, maybe
on an 80 lead cable half are ground

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