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damn carvin shit got all expensive

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sec ill go check they dont make it anymore
pro bass 100
you didnt want a bass amp
man im confused now
no its a little combo amp
so yeah shipping will cost alot
no idea maybe 50lbs

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ill sell you the amp for $60
cat has kinda scratched up the carpet on one side
it kinda fell off the cabinet, you can fix that with spray adhesive
besides the jack its pretty ok
its got hi and low shelf and a countour switch
bass, parametric mid (no q tho), treble, has compressor and a noise gate with knobs for sensitivity
i dunno i think like 100W
its a 15"
but yeah if you dont buy it i prob dont want to sell it

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do you want it?
like $120 and you pay shipping
the jack on the carvin amp is messed up i think, sometimes
its pcb mount, ive tried resoldering so its prob the contacts inside
so you can prob get a panel mount 1/4" jack and wire it in and fix that
and the bass is a mexican fender j-bass
neck is buzzy, maybe just needs the truss rod adjusted
maybe needs new neck
the hardware is kinda fucked up
oh i didnt know you already had a bass
you just need an amp?

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neat i made a circuit that will do balanced and unbalanced input to balanced and unbalanced output
w/ buffered bandpass section, you can wire the rca into the xlr+ switch
and everything comes out unity and aligned
anyway ltspice says its perfect \o/
inittab: weird
thats prob how it starts
it didnt do it anymore

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