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i have a big pack of those

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i dont remember which layout is class-H and which is class-G tho =\

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we have clones, it took me forever to figure out wtf was going on
i guess the major advantage if you can directly mount your power silicon to heatsinks
no silpads
so yeh they get .3-.8 C/W better cooling, and the tiered psu thing
i think the other way to do it, you just have your normal parallel AB output section, but you actually switch supply sources
so you track signal, when it goes over a ref, mosfets drop the secondary high voltage supply onto your AB output devices
and the bridge for the lower voltage supply basically shuts that one off until youve sucked out the energy in the caps

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yeh weird this one isnt the same its like pushing them thru caps
bull still grounded collector
rab: find the speaker buss, its basically the feedback line
note how center tap of the transformer is labeled
then look right above the notes section on the bottom right
CT is connected to the speaker output
thats class H or G, i forget which
like, low power itll pull current thru the 51VDC transformer windings, more power itll pull thru the 95VDC windings

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yes they dont fuck around apperently
still looking
man where is it
like i might be looking straight at it im not sure

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whats up with the messed up hose
whats she gonna do to dx^ =(
rab: do you know about this grounded collector, driving speakers thru power transformer center tap amp topology?
when i figured out the schematic is like the engineer who did it punched me in the face
its not an output transformer
its the power transformers
thru bridges
the output stage of the amp is just transistors from power rails to ground
and then the power transformer is center tap grounded thru the speaker
its QSC amps
so yes, gimme a sec
and if its fuckery, its industry standard power amp fuckery

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dx^: omg trig turned into some crazy algebra/factoring wtf scene
and i got like a chapter behind on homework
i guess so
it started to make more sense by the end of class

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ya rly
thats like page 1 of ninjas guide to winning

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who set it?

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gripping his pillow tight?
heh avrfreak and flyback gonna rape and murder him or something?
yes gripping your pillow loosely.
how does soda just end up on a mobo
but like...
i gotta be drillin and tapping

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what happened to #electronicstech?
moving to ##electronicstech on freenode

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i think gnome bullshit is fucking my cnc pc latency

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