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gecko drives and ebay steppers
or equivs
steppers come with free coils
blackmoon: its easy with a bridge lcr meter thingy
em is the voodoo
but yeh easy like you dont have to math out inductance
winding coils sucks

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so its like current pwm
no i meant linear like it drops voltage to maintain a current
but kicks in mad voltage to ramp current faster
linear current sense fedback amp, feer
i think they make insano speaker amps like that
isnt that a winding technique
center tap mofo

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blackmoon: i need fat pulleys for 1:3 step up and like a fat, short vbelt
for some manner of controlled speed nema34 motor
i dunno where to get short fat vbelts
do they do any linear shit?
or they just ramp current to a set point and shut it off

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i dunno, the manufacturer prob has an email address, use it
i think most of the chopper drives are current limited
so the extra voltage is prob just to kick the coils into taking current at turnon
mine are less noisy, too
but the xylotex is doing weird shit now with microstepping

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its a lincoln it cant be that bad
says up to 1/8"

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robot welders are pimp
kinda yeh

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and the woofers had identical impedance and parameters
they look like steppers
nema 34 is big
if youre building a machine that can handle the weight and lateral loading sure
those are big tho
my spindle motor is nema34
dunno think it depends on your controller
sounds in the normal range tho
the controller datasheets will say what kinda industance they work well with
check out gecko drive modules and boards

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and if its thermal'd way bad, possibly deny the RMA
because it takes seconds
if they rate them proper, they shouldnt die if you run continous power thru them forever
they should stabilize at a safe temp
but yeh its prob a high temp and more power for sustained periods will prob burn it
theyre not going to be that conservative, marketing guys would cry
i wonder if they recone them
if they do, i bet you get someone elses reconed failure
if they make you wait for yours to be reconed im laughing
not so much
one blows first and basically ends the party
the other could be really close, but the first dyng saves it
then yeah im not so surprised
unless youre listening to mono music and youve meticulously matched the input sensitivity of the amps

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with music tho
you were doing sine waves
so it wasnt 500W even clipping pretty fucked
were you bottoming them?
like could you hear mechanical contact
no the voice coil hits the back plate
hits the magnet is suspension fucked up
maybe because standing waves because enclosure, maybe because assembled shitty
okay so then its just bad if you overheated it
i mean, best way to tell is to cut it open
and look
if the coil isnt burnt, but its rubbed on the side and theres prob a bit of wire pulled off, it wasnt thermal
wasnt too much power was bad suspension or enclosure make the cone rock
if its black and burnt and the coil is like unraveling, yeh you were putting too much power into it, thermal failed
well, my guess is the cut it open, look for mode of failure, and decide wtf happened

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hmm not vented
like on the sides so you can see the voice coil
i think i have two of those
nm mine dont have composite cones
just plastic
but i think its the same frame
one of them is fucked up
they dont give theile/small parameters?
dondoitle: they dont care much they just dont respond well and theirs roloff from the coil inductance
since they usually have more windings for more magnetic force
alot of crossovers/mids/tweeters will fuckup if you play test tones at system rated power thru them
were the bottoming?

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not the amp but it and i dont know how to describe burnt coil enamel
where the sub or the amp was
well like, theyll smell kinda during high power break in
it goes away, its kinda normal
but like, theyll burn
and the coil unravels
and its basically black or charred
like towards 300C they take a shit, so depending how conservative they were in rating it, they might know you were pumping it full of mad power
but if it was just cone misalignmet and mechanical damage and the coil is just dark from breaking in, that can happen from suspension defect
anyway, i would rma it even if the coil was an obvious thermal failure

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shouldnt happen at rated power but again if there is a suspension defect, it wouldnt be your fault
infinity is a big company
so they might just replace it to get the customer service points
the shit is, how well they do QA is a factor
if they know the suspension on those rarely fails, and they see rubbing and bottoming damage, they might call it abuse and void warranty
have you opened it?
meh watch out
i wear earplugs all day at work sometimes
if the open it up, and the coil isnt just rubbed, but its totally burnt...
theyll know you were running it with mad power
could you smell it?

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dumping and filling faster than the transformers can react
if it shorted the coil it could have put the amp in overcurrent mode
then either it dies or goes into protection
if it blows open, prob nothing
yeh then it prob shorted
dondoitle: theyll do either, also theyll divide their impedance
when just part of the coil shorts out
yeh your suspension crapped out and it rubbed
is it anything decent or what?
rma the amp?
do it
say you didnt
suspension defect could cause that at normal power
but so can enclosure reflections
if there is damage on the bottom of the voice coil
theyll know it was bottoming

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omfg trig identities and fucking algebraic simplification are kicking my ass
because its not sold based on technology
its sold as a status symbol
no they arent
their standard cables are way overprices
theyre better than getting the very worst cables
but the good shit from radioshack is easily as good as monster cable
for $80 you can buy a fucking spool of cable and good neutrik rca connectors or speaker connectors or whatever
monster cable is better than cheap cable
and not in sound quality
in durability
even cheap cable will carry signal audio fine
its because of psu caps usually

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linear regs and chipamps like blow up
catastrophic smoke release, you dont even see it
but it has a smell'

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macegr: yes for like 7 months now
macegr: wai
anyway bbl, time for efnet historic gt fakeracing league

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the shocker? wat

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fuck which worked
.wz tacoma, wa

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i hope you dont mean titanium apples because those are aluminum
blackmoon: they prob mean titanium coated
pretty sure cermet is ceramic/carbide sex
those dont look coated
!weather 91335
.wz 91335

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because hes just wearing a tshirt in the first vid you posted
and its sticking out 2in
i didnt really think anything of it until he called himself professor, then it became funny
sculptor: sry you will have to look elsewhere for the gay
sculptor: am kidding back calm down =D
well, kidding about subtle insinuiating your gayness, not about the lack of gay
is that the one with two kinds of transexuals?
i didnt notice the dude until they pointed it out
i was like, girl doing a girl in the but isnt gay
tho thats kinda funny because i guess is lezzi gay
*it is lezzi

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hey that thing is pretty neat
he got some sort of tattoo on his neck

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how do you check without putting your hand in it

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hot water is neat
yeh fuck that those things explode and always kill one person
its prob the person that was fucking with it

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mrtube: almost done
i just have to drill the mount holes for the chipamps and to-220 on the left side block
fuck no man
im being an idiot for working on it this weekend even
i should be doing trig homework and writing some fucked psych paper
hi yeh the soldier were working on that 24/7
i get a handful of hours a week
blackmoon: im not sure what shipping will cost so you wanna pay twice?
so we dont have to like estimate, i think we get paypall fucked the same
blackmoon: yeh i just got them =\
how much did they cost...

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