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everyone cant be better than the generation before
unless other stuff suffers...
like, standard of living of the rest of the fucking world and meaningless shit like the whole fucking infrastructure

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because inflation is ramping faster than pay because theres a huge gap between classes in america
anyway, stock holders and consumers are prob more to blame than anyone
america was sold out 20 years ago
if we wanted quality manufactured goods, theyd make them with local factories and proper qa
we dont care
yeh and apperently everyone hates their job
these unmotivated, untrained people are building your stuff
the american dream is like, exponential in nature
like, its not possible

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yeah whatever fuck that
educated people are the ones who fucked us
we dont make shit
we barely design shit
that statement has about as much content as 'bad things are bad'
greed drove engineering and manufacturing
how much people want here doesnt have anything to do with how much money people make elsewhere
because of how fucked standard of living is everywhere else
its cheaper to make poor people in other places do it
people want shit cheaper
because they get paid shit

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23:29 <@inittab> we've bad nothing but mistakes lately

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america does suck
regardless of the state of canadia

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msg me your address
or email or whatever
like, i cant get to the post office because im at work all day
well, lunch i guess
sucks tho because theres a line, like everyone does mail shit at lunchtime
i can do it fedex from work, wonder if thats more or some shit
anyway, laters

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blackmoon: heh neat
dx^: hi

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execute flawless handbrake 360 spins while traveling 80mph
is this for work?
or vacation
yeh that would suck, blown up engine on vacation
k gotta go bye

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you are driving across the country?
do you have help?
thats gotta suck by yourself
thats tons of time, you can kickit more than a day in each place
have fun be careful
thats better
you dont want to drive a minivan 4500mi
megavan is a box truck
dude its a fucking rental
drive it into curbs for no reason

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because its basically a commercial vehicle
is enterprise the unlimited mileage people?
ac-130h: k so you dont want bass or amp or what
i dont remember how that convo ended

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i dunno thats not so bad
thats almost sounds like abrupt technical english

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Squiggle motors are tiny ultrasonic piezo linear motors which development of enable highly miniturised devices.
word order fail
that is pretty neat
sculptor: my friends dad prob knows =\
id guess like early 90s
cuz they prob been working on tiny drone things since then
worm motor?
but not like, screw worm like crawly worm

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