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miriya sterling > gadget
shes an alien tho so im not sure how much less weird that is

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only in concept
she was fucking ugly
becca from tail spin was hotter

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damn she got a big head
pictures ruin it
because they were like my age when i watched that show
so i always picture them like, grown up
like lisa in that ep of the simpsons
its like how its awkward to be atracted to christina ricci
because shes like 13 in all those movies
but then you find some recent pics and its awesome again
you were never conditioned with alvin and the chipmunks?
damn i envy you
yeh see i only had the scrambled pr0n and showtime
an asshole

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homo dyke
you would convert any dyke?
yeh rly
that is strange ccfl_man

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rab: some girls cant dance
yeh i know!
haha fuck moves
i headbob to the music with my hands in my pockets
like a proper junglist
crowding the bass bins
so im way out of the tweeter horns paths
i will dance around with people at festivals and rock shows and shit
but dnb is all about the system, the droning bass
yeh breaks has some awesome bass

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and i can smoke
see like theres this tiny bar that did or does dnb on sundays
and they dont care if your smoke and they have one folded horn but the place is so small the bass is massive
but its sunday nights and im tired after fakerace and usually have a laundry crisis
see i couldnt be into it
random rap music
it has to be live or it has to be hard drum n bass
not really dx, not often =(
yeh see and in that case i hate bars
i dont really like how dnb went from potheads at the rave scene to hollywood drunk scene
too drunk chicks are kinda a turnoff
okay not really, because its rarely very hard
and its kinda slow
but when i was in montreal we missed a dnb night
so we went to a breaks night and i had a good time
so i guess so

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you mean bangbus?
haha nice
dx^: why are you in such a good mood today!?
how many times has this book worked?
and how many of these women involved bars
yeh i hate bars
unless there is music involved

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he dcc'd me a book
i red two pages
alot of this stuff seemed pretty obvious
so im amused by dx's new skill
yeh this is truth
do you know how much other shit i have to read?
besides school bullshit...
i have this tube circuit book and this aes article someone lent to me
haha wtf now im ccfl_man?
i wish i had time to hack up tvs and jack off more

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yeh i dont do shit like that
haha i used to ask chicks which of the chipettes theyd sleep with
you have to ask a guy first tho
and if they freak out you have to say, ok if you were a guy, which chipette would you sleep with
cool chicks will mostly pick jeanette
tho a significant number pick elanor
i used to ask alot of people that question
he prob pays attention to more than just red clad girls
i cant see dx being that particular
no cmon tho who just pays attention to red trimmed girls

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okay dx in california, when were are done with class, we get into an automobile and go someplace else
i would be waiting a week for her to wander by
oh you are saying some other time
i hate random conversations, i typically dont initiate them
did the book tell you this

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fuck if i know we both stfu because lecture started
im fucking tired
i have to write some fucking psych paper and then kill off some more trig homework
i dont even remember
because im not just going to mark remaining answers B and gtfo just to hang with trig chick
alternate why: because shes not there
i did the B thing to three of 18 questions

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yay almost friday \o/
dx^: i talked to trig girl
about our calculators, hers was stuck in polar mode
she finishes tests fast and leaves
its sexy but like, i cant talk to her after class =(

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