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and yeah whole thing was good

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does it drop more
maybe now
hmm, its doing something
oh ive heard this part

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happy unbday
is it your bday?
happy bday than
k then happy unbday
wiki has everything wtf

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yes definitely
selection is ++

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kostix dcc'd me some breaks
that shit is just to slow
like even when the bass is hard and techy, the drums just dont do it for me
like, i had fun at a breaks show but it involved a girl and alcohol
dnb im ignoring most everything except the soundsystem and im having an awesome time

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i got signal
your bass is either full scale or clipping
doesnt sound fucked tho
i wonder if the spectrum analyser on fb2k has headroom
yeh, heh had to adjust my stereo to compensate
sounds good
wow 192kbps stream
i need to go buy some needs and go thru those records you sent
maybe next week
this weekend is gonna suck, have to write a fucking psych paper

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also this 350vdc bias line, and then a 5v strobe signal and gnd
i might hax something together with like 50 white leds and a bjt current sink sink
cuz i have a ton of leds and we have tons of bigass transistors
theyre usually conservative if theyre unmarked
at least they are on the stanton shit we use at work
LM3915 is neat for that

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aqnd standing waves in surrounds and spiders and leads
anyway the strobe got all intermittent
good luck finding one on the net
its just a box with trigger config and mode/delay stuff
and a strobe like in a handheld lamp
the voltage booster or the lamp is fucked, tho
so i called and asked how much for a replacement
just for the bulb, not the whole lamp
spent half the dat googling for a similar looking replacement came up with nothing
it has a 350v strobe signal
that it boosts

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yeh probably sup
sub or your turntable stand or what
i clicked it loaded raw data and chrome displayed it
yeh did that
dead air?
cool its prob working then
at work we have this bruel and kjaer stroboscope
like early 80s digital, has a slow motion mode we use to see cone distortion

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fucking hoooot

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either editing functions or changing parameters instead of changing tons of lines thruought the file
mostly its loading preconfiged test files and starting a sweep
then it branches based on if the results were within limits
tests and limits i can change in the app for controlling the hardware
anyway i prob have to do them again on the 50A mains circuit
the 125v in our office sags down to like 115V on the normal circuits
during power sweeps
so maybe i can recode them
mean =(

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pretty sure they were china sourced then modified here, i had to translate all the promps from junk characters into english =\
yeh i like these machines
theyre like, $2k for a 20 year old one on ebay tho
i think theyre prob like $2k new
er $10K
it sucks i dont have enough to redo them from scratch
like they didnt code much with functions so editing stuff can suck hard
its doing the same thing over and over
so alot of places, 10 lines could have been one
yes completely
its not really a loop its like, tasks
repetitive procedure, but it could have been done with functions to make changes easier

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meh im tired
time for wuuurk
i need to do some smallproject to fuck around with c on a uc
hehe im doing weird visual basic audio test hardware scripting at work
i know how to do it, i just dont have alot of exsperience with it
and the small amount of formal training was c++, so like i get all confused what c can and cant do
ive already done it
im basically reworking old files

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tekrad, i can do a top level file without incloding a single opcode
you can basically make it read however you want with macros
how many people code with macros vs functions just for readability?
are macros the same thing in c?
i think so, theyre like compile time not run time

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anything youre only doing once you should do a macro
anywhere where a jump to the code would take longer than you should use a macro
see if you can find the macro definitions
and see what its doing
theres prob more than one because its diff levels of paranoia/automation
yeh what moon said
like i will recode shit so i can just do:
and itll just be a line of asm but its self commenting
anyway asm can be way easier to read at the toplevel file than c code
like, the includes might be a horror scene
but you can make top level just a list of tasks

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tekrad: macros are literal insertions
youre not jumping anywhere, it puts the macro code right there
they work like more like functions, you can pass them parameters
macros are usually quicker for short loops
you just inline them
might take mad flash but its basically an unrolled loop
its prob like 1 or 3 lines of asm then
calls and jumps take longer to execute the same code
but theyre only stored once

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