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we had a small one at school
big machine, for its work envelope
would come down and like lick off a layer of metal
or i think maybe the table would move, would do a pass real quick

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i wonder what happened to all the tools at the fadal factory
has a FOR LEASE sign up now =(
they had grinders like the size of my apartment with retrofitted controllers

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its only cutting foam
someone needs to do a 10 ton one that can machine and finish grind machine beds
haha then pick them up and move them

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yeah those are neat

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haha cooool

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inittab: where did you get it?
heh i hope theyre not the orange home depot ones i have lots of those =\

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imprial march, heh

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wtf @ the elanor roosevelt quote
she did not say that!
heh @ 2.5d megaman

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the drawings can be really helpful
tho parts catalogs seem better for that

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