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aw jeah, almost done with this fucking paper

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blackmoon: so i let the cnc run for like 30 hours, full X and Y travel at max feed (30ipm, heh)
cleaned off the old grease and reassembled with the vactra 2 and tightened the gibs while it was running
jacked dial indicator into spindle, ran it around, table is flat within a mil
bit less because its one of those pivoting indicators so its an arc measurement
so yeah im pretty happy with that, ive had it for almost 3 years i think, and im pretty lazy about oiling it and moving my work around on the table

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the whole uterus area is like some sort of inkblot test
back to writing

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this shit is loading real slow
fu timecop
you didnt address it to blackmoon so i assumed it for everyone else
pls2be more careful with your grammars
naw id click some of that shit amazes me
it was 404 or something anyway
the image link mfkr
mnan this is getting way to complicated

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ha, floppy sampler
hmm im not writing my paper
k, ty =\

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haha i dont :w and :wq in my school paper anymore
those were strange times
thc consumption stayed the same
i stopped using lunix as a primary box
lame, i dont remember how to shift vim into non compatible mode
i bet its :nc or :set nc
is that a brand or soemthing
or did he put it there with a marker

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cnc machine is hyptnotic

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i have to write a psych paper
like right now =(
5 pages about 3 of the psychological school of thought
im like half done

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friday is faaaaar

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