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oh huh
k i gotta go to bed

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it died because porsche 917/30 never lost
heh they were just figuring out aerodynamics
that lasted until the midlate 70s
because it was insane
the last version was like 1100hp
its a flat 12 im pretty sure
two flat 6 put together basically

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so now no traction control, normal slicks, smaller wings, but driver adjustable
and the hybrid shit
its a motor and an engine
it fucked up a bmw tech pre season
and they have like beacon lights by the driver to indicate if the car chassis is live or not
if its run red away
and the driver has to like hop out so hes not touching the car and the ground
tho kimis car caught fire and the battery is like under the driver, and the lazy mfkr drove the smoking car all the way back to the pits
ozone to his dome

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wtf was this a 4 car garage?\
maybe if you stacked them
all that shit, when the world end people prob kill him first
i wonder if the preacher had guns
dude F1 is hybrid this season
and yeah
also the auto transmissions
traction control was lame
youd hear the engines ratchetting off the traction control limiter
dude wtf
traction control is like banning driving
you could hear when they were flooring it trying to do faster
they *never* lost rear wheel grip
even with the grooved tires

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but its pretty crazy to see a car just sprint ahead of another one for a couple sec
like its not enough to make passing ridiculous easy, just to kind edge ahead on a straight or get out of a corner quicker
i think its a motor/generator
attached to the engine

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with lifted noses, so the driver is like lying down with his legs in the nose =\
all V8 this year
this is like the highest level of car racing
ferrari and mclaren used to spend like $300M+
maybe not all v8s
they got up to v12
then v10 now i think they maybe all v8
because the friction from the piston walls becomes a problem so they reduce cylinders and increase piston area
this year they have kinetic energy recovery braking
i think they got more in the 80s =\
but yeah they have energy recovery, and theyre allowed to use it for 6 sec a lap
extra 80 hp, so like 10% increase in power
press to pass mfkr
its a button w/ 80hp
it fucked up a bmw tech
during pre season, everyone was afraid of it!
not everyone runs it, and those who do dont every race

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it wouldnt be allowed
monaco is tradition, else itd be banned, too dangerous
timecop is a girl
danielson: are you watching senna
i forget which gp
not at monaco
maybe french gp or canadian
hahaha @ 6 days
what do you think, $150?
danielson: when they first raced it cars when slower than honda civics
now the cars have like 800 hp and rev to 18krpm
and theyre all tire and wing

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reading monaco practice results
also finals, work, stuff, etc
bday grand prix
you dont know what monaco grand prix is?
tekrad: see its like, non existant in america
no fool, formula one

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i like button too
make watching the races kinda weird
heh, so slicks and kers at monaco should be awesome

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then there would only be like 4 or 5 teams
which would also be kinda lame
it would die
unlimited series die
tho i guess it would only be unlimited in terms of money
anyway, this is turning out to be a pretty good year
still alot of silly bs but the racing itself is alot more exciting
hahaha @ brawn gp from nothing to dominating in a couple months
like, the quasi-team orders shit against barichello is kinda offset by that fact hes in a car and kicking ass
fuckin old men dominating F1
yeah but it was kinda obvious what was going to happen
anyway it wasnt fucked up like at ferrari
that wasnt cool
like i would have to be like, go barichello, fuck brawn

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yeah its not even same category
mclaren is like too in its own little world to care i think
i dont think they made the F1 road car because they had to
so yeah
if i was ferrari id be pissed
porsche i guess
but theyre not so much a race team as supplying tons of race teams
like porsche builds race cars
ferrari races race cars
but its kinda lame when 3 teams have half a billion into their two cars
and half the teams are prob like 1/8 that

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damn i lost the lola article of the diff series they build for
yeh this is kinda shitty for them
tho they are fiat now so its kinda sketchy
like they exist to race
i cant really think of any other company like that
maybe saleen
well, theyre a race team who sells exotics to support the team
like, saleen is the only other company they somewhat mass produces cars to race

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yeh like lower level racing
fuck i cant find the article
from a tech standpoint, probably
from a racing standpoint, its probably the thing to do
they spend like 20 years trying to make shit competitive between like $30M and $300M teams
obvious answer is to take away the money
hehe its funny because all the budget teams are used to it
heh @ ferrari and mclaren this year

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malaysia and china
and i think they end up being on really late
but thats alot better than 4-7am
and theres no american teams since forever
yeh for american sponsors
so i guess lola might try to do F1 is they keep the budget cap low
*if they
and some other american teams but i didnt read those articles and sounds like its just ta;l
apperently they do alot...

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just not in the US =(
that bullshit at the US GP when only ferrari and minardi raced pissed me off tho
i didnt watch F1 almost at all for years after that
i think maybe 2006
but they probably destroyed their american fanbase doing that
which was pretty non-existant to begin with
ecclestone doesnt like america and doesnt like mclaren, heh
yeh thats a big issue
theres maybe 2 races on in the daytime

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he kinda seems like an arrogant punk like schumacher
hahah i bet schumacher takes over ferrari maneger if they stay in F1
i guess they are crying over the budget caps
theyre threatening not to
i doubt theyll agree to that tho
dunno the racing is pretty awesome this year
prob best racing ive seen since it was schumacher vs hakkinen like 8 years ago
oh haha and that year where montoya didnt understand theres no passing in F1
punting micheal and shit
kers is a big step
i mean theyre actually doing it
couple years ago it was like a joke
i dont think anyone believed

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he was leading, and on a 3 stop strategy
and they changed button to a 2 stop
yeah but its significant
because its ross brawn and barichello
heh, last time this happened, FIA banned team orders
i dont think he thinks otherwise
he handles it well, i really love that guy
thats not a bad thing really
button has the points so they will favor him
but barchello is an awesome driver
like to be performing at this level, like 10 years in
man fuck kimi
i never liked him
i like hakkinen and coulthard
like, kimi isnt really smooth like hakinnen

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macegr: is make this weekend?
because this weekend is monaco GP
(which also means its my bday but who cares)
weekend after
macegr: maybe
yeh i checked
so there is no monaco conflict
so its basically an issue about trusting the failvo to do 1000mi
naw i love monaco regardless
its insanity, if it werent tradition, FIA would never have a street race like that
but yeh its my bday GP
also brawn pwnt last GP, and most everyone else has the cheater diffuser
sucks what they did to barichello, but it kinda makes him more awesome

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could filter whole midgets out of your oil with that
k gl
you stab a screwdriver thru it sideways and use it to turn the filter
just go get one of those band or chain wrenches
i have that
the chain ones work for more sizes tho
tho if you overtighten can prob damage a filter
strap wrenches are neat

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grunge is the pinnacle of distortion in rock an roll

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is this better than F1 news?
fine for me

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i bet winamp is horrible now
ive been using foobar2k since forever now
that and audacity have been useful at work

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the view is best from behind
haha wat
did it melt
so this book is working?
1. Rubens Barrichello BrazilBrawn GP-Mercedes 1:17.189
its only practice tho
no i mean the monaco GP
the time is only from a practice session

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It finds use in the semiconductor industry for various processes. In one of its applications it is used along with nitrous oxide to form oxynitride gates in CMOS devices.
you dunno what egr valve is?
i dunno if ive ever been to this about.com

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wtf is NO
i am already at the wiki

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