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`nico: budget cap was implimented this year
also testing limits
so ferrari and mclaren are in total wtf panic mode
its like theyve given up

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no put it with the max at like at 2 o'clock
what is the max?

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you do the second one the other way

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eggsalad: brains.
i dont think ccfl_man has reset the brainfile lately
you didnt do a square not

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eggsalad: mfkr, wut?
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm, mfkr
like 16ga?
eggsalad: eggsalad

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or if it's really broke, a tach that serves as a nifty super-size gauge showing the setting of your dimmer switch.
thats awesome
but tach is the best part of the car
you hear it rab
also its a camaro
heheh @ pushrods

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longcat has logs (!)
wtf @ that pcb
aw its a bad pcb?
its pretty
oh haha

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because engine stuff is built as an assembly and then just mounted to the frames
that shit wasnt in the way when they made it
haha like on the accord, the angle of some clamps made it pretty obvious they were installed with the distributor/thermostat/whatever assembly removed
its all on the same place on the engine
yeah when its just something in the way, where its located kinda matters most
the whatever was a bunch of wiring bracket shit

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