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so i need more sleep during the week
i fucking spent most my birthday in hard nap session
fuck this work school work work school thing

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tekrad: if i dont fall asleep
i dvr all the F1 stuff on speed
yeh thats not so bad
button on pole!
4a i think
it sucks because thats just to the beginning
then you have to stay up like 2 more hours!
i usually fall asleep
and watch the second half on dvr
before irc
because someone in #cars will spoil
out in Q1
like way back
he broke the car
16.Lewis HamiltonBritainMcLaren-Mercedes1:16.26
kimi got 2nd
than barrichello
its his bday today!
we have same bday wtf!
happy bday to you

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holy shit...
The Brazilian was understandably upset afterwards, but after receiving assurances that the team do not favour Button, he is now focusing all his attention on winning in Monaco - the day after his 37th birthday.
i think barichello has my bday

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`nico: okay nm like one track is good and parts of another track are good and one track is kinda okay
and one track is like, trance =(
i did too
i named my black cat from a long time ago stimpy

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socialist projects party

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`nico: heh the invid remixes record isnt so bad

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just have to make sure the table is centered
so you dont drill your table like a noob

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ha neat
theres a threaded rod you can move a stop up and down on
thats a through hole

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the endmill never moves on a mill
yeh lathes are nuts
they chip off large chunks of metal from themselves
when they crash
they dont just stop
small tooling at way high speeds is awesome for that
and then

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yeh i know what wood can do to carbide
aaaaaaaaw jeeeeah
itll dull it
because it cant chip it
but it gets it mad hot if you go with too much speed
anyway, that cnc router job i had...
last tech didnt know how to reindex the tooling
so he just used one tool
and compensated in his programs with the cam software
when i changed it, the flutes were black and the edges so dull you could like lick it
use it as a motorcycle grip or something
like it wasnt really cutting thru wood
it was gnawing it
yeah lathes are alot scarier than mill

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like full 0-60,a-z,fractional set
then just replace them or buy more for specific stuff
yeh its only 6"
so bigass drill and im like down to under 3"
i should start packing up my stuff
yeh but maybe who knows

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thats trax yo!
maybe its for failing at removing rivets
but its a countersink too moon!
i should prob get those in 118d
i think i want to get a set of HSS/TiN drills

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so i guess i gotta steal turn on/off codes from the remote
i think ive had mine like 2 or 3 years now
bit rougher
yeh i know, i just dunno if i have ir diodes
i think i got some from goldmine elec junk box
i dont have any of those!
my cnc machine is sd cards =\
new era sneaker networking
why not
those are big!

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i need to make a thermostat for my a/c
it has a remote
so i figure, put a temp sensor on an IR leds
throw a uC somewhere in there
no its a little window unit
has a timer
yeh mine should be easy because it has a remote
i dont even gotta hack at it

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thats prob one
they come in a few sizes
and they have nubs that screw into the hole threaded for the drawbar
thats sounds right i think you buy them like iso 30, iso 50 tool holders
yes those look like the ones
i think so
ive never seen the actual mechanism
but i think it engages with springs and uses compressed ait to disengage and change tools
because you always hear a blast of air when they let go or pick up new tools

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but if you mount an er16 collet holder into an ISO cone, you can hold any diameter and you can still use it as an indexed length cnc tool
yeh but collets are ass for CNC
ha nice
no thats on big machines
all the cnc ive worked on has iso cone toolholders
the haas stuff, i think the old bridgeport cnc, and the cosmec wood cnc all used those
you can get ER holder that slide into those
and then you put your tool into the er spring collet
so its like spindle -> iso cone -> er16 -> tool
i dont remember the exact taper

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09:04 < Tecan> im unit41 for the billion time
09:08 <@Blackmoon> you ever send me some bolts? :P
and some other stuff too big for my mill
i think it was like $9
yeh thats fine
like $27 i guess, the bolts were $18?
oh you got it?
yeh its not a big deal whenever you can
1/2" shank countersink/centerdrill
two of them, i bought the wrong ones, heh
yeh i cant use them tho
and a 1/2" shank edge finders
no doesnt fit
i can only do up to 3/8" tooling
yeh, ER16
its a little mill
theyre pretty neat for CNC
but er16 in iso cone holders is best
well theyre spring so unless its a manual machine theyre a pain

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who the fuck is tecan

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