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you can get those at parts express

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hmm weird

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fuck that
do you mean like recone a speaker?
ive reconed them
like wind the voice coil?
and machine the plates?
making the frame would suck
like, big long coil?

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i just have to cnc a plate and solder the chipamps in tho
then build speakers

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bday was yesterday
no it isnt
its tomorrow in europe
not really, finishing school
amp project on hold until finals over
i got all behind working on that shit

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`nico: neat you crated the dieselboy record with the good invid remix
the original invid is kinda sucky!
i wonder if he stopped wearing lip gloss and eye shadow and trainwrecking his live sets

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eggsalad: buy me 2x6 dsp crossover and many amps.
eggsalad: eh wut

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eggsalad: brawn gp yay!
eggsalad: how many shawtys
eggsalad: etc.
eggsalad: what do you love
combo breaker

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eggsalad: Dicks cocks wangs niggers jews spics niggers shit dicks cocks niggers spics 10thousand cocks 5thousand cocks 25 dicks dicks per hour dicks per night dicks per night dicks per day dicks per day dicks per hour dicks per day dicks per hour dicks per night dicks per hour dicks per day dicks per night dicks per night dicks per fortnight cocks tits wangs nipples sex sexual sexual nature sexual abuse abuse of sex cocks und
he answered that so quick
eggsalad: explain your controlling algorithm

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what are you saying sir

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i have to go watch monaco
then do laundries
shit i should get off irc before it is spoiled

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ccfl_man: they have a few types of balanced and instrument cable
and their connectors are cheap, they got the good shit too
hmm, hardcore

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i hate that

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10:18 < Charles> renesis: It's been fun. Do pop by on ef someday, if only for the lulz.
aw charles wants me back
yeh theyre always tucked someplace you cant get too
except on like rear wheel drive i4 or i6 cars

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inittab: neat you got the coupler thing?
oh i thought so you could replace that shit
ha sucks

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exact operation unknown, did not approach car jacking apparatus

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no they pull the car out on the bottom
and they slide down
they put the scion on those things when we drove to ny
was like, hey what are you doing to our car sir

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we park like that at work all the time
heh even compact cars barely fit in those spaces
so their an offset
and people leave and come back
so it just turns random
blackmoon: http://lh4.ggpht.com/_bmSETkbCu_E/SHFcdr9QMvI/AAAAAAAAD2o/xkUxNH1pj38/DSC01580.JPG

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those chair mats are pretty rigid
is the edge finished like with a rounded kinda knife edge?
or is it just like stamped out
yeh mine would prob fuck me up like that
blackmoon: they dont bend
mine is braking =(
there was a $10 one and a $40 one
looked exactly the same

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im trying to remember who that was
he was the same one telling me i was doing leds wrong because i was direct supplying them from gio @ 2mA
and i was sourcing instead of sinking current
because i guess in his brain all uC are fragile open collector things forever

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heh because diodes are too much space!

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fucking avrfreak on freenode
no kidding, im curious ABOUT UR MOM

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