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maybe its an importer and theyre too lazy to translate the docs
prob bad for professional image to sound like an idiot
no fool not you
yeh, so even if many people are good at it, better as a general policy not to do it
understaffed import company

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in the lower left
that doesnt help
do they have an adress or its all web
they have an english site \o/
Room# 416 Azuma 2nd Bldg., 1-14-2 Sakumacho,
Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 101-0025 Japan
heh @ room
phone and fax too
so is japan starting to outsource manufacturing?
or still making its own stuff
china gonna pwn you too

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hes that ninja but he didnt do the / / thing with the cmd line
timecop is a paradox.
that doesnt really roll right off the tongue
does that one say futuert!
or is that !!
at least theyre consistent
so is that art
or are those screenshots
or what
a leg
what does the japanese stuff say

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oh trip out its a transmitter
i just kinda read tuner blah blah blah

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im laughing if its a digital tuner interface
rab: its within the specified tolerances!
its not a failure because its a Bad Product
did they really say futuer

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is AA bad for racing games
because i have lots
oh its only at 4x
its vsyned and usually stuck at 60
tho i havent had it displayed lately

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i have a 9800gtx
im pretty sure its old now
that shit is too big yo
they have drawers
they might not have a serial connector
aw they dont all have the stack of hidden drawers in the back?
yeh that worked
i checked for strobe tubes and it said the local one had it
and it actually did
i was blown away
like radioshack might actually be useful

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timecop: thats kinda hideous =(
however if they take it to le mans and race in a standard class, thats kinda awesome
meh, it doesnt even exist those are renderings
its a couple years old?

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haha, neat

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hey my sempron is awesome!
for the cnc, low wattage, thing runs cool as fuck
is timecops manner of being, shrug
and socket A chips made intel chips look slow and expensive for quite a few years

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mrtube: heh

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mrtube: its prob detection issues
sucks i hate how my asus drivers prompt everytime i plug something in
like you cant make routing configuration sticky
and every so often itll pick up noise or something, and thing that i unplugged something
and prompt again for type of device, usually several times in a row
like the hardware functionality is neat, but the drivers kill it
yeh but can you plug a mic into a line out and have it work?
okay then your routing isnt like mine
but its sticky, no?
it doesnt redo it on the fly everytime you unplug or plug something
my old driver interface was sticky, i liked it better
yeah sounds like something different

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maybe go external usb interface with balanced io
most onboard is decent enough as far as surround and io features
prob not the greatest as far as SNR and THD
if youre not hearing it when its quiet its decent
yeh, sounds like driver weirdness
like it waiting for you to tell it its a mic you plugged into the jack
alot of jacks are multiplexed or multiuse or something now
like, you can plug line in into mic and vise versa and itll still work
but its all driver related
my asus will weird out sometimes
my ideal would be 2.2

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aluminum is harder to machine than steel, kinda
steel will just eat/break tooling
or the tool will like dislodge the work from the fixture
aluminum will keep cutting until its melted all over your cutters
then it cool between the flutes and makes the tool useless, basically a steel/aluminum cylinder
ha, no, but i found the aluminum plate im going to use for the soldering template
mad homework and finals like next week
the mounting bars are drilled and tapped tho
so hopefully this weekend, if not def after finals, its #1 priority
to mount the bars and the pcb to wheil i solder the chips on
so i dont have to do the whole back panel
thats gonna be a big project, its like 4x the working area of my mill
i want to have a design finalized before i start cutting
so i need to know what drivers im going to use
so i can make a cabinet
i maybe want to get a decent coundgard at some point

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er, hi

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