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im blown away by the level of documentation in this service manual

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i love the clash
fuck the sex pistols
and i dont mean, fuck them like in a punk way where it really means i like them

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the service manual for my scope is 490 pages long
no service manual
dunno sounds like an arm7 and a dac could do that
plug it into the bnc input
im thinking can would have to be bitbanged
but everything else should be pretty easy

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which is pretty useful even when using any other spice based sim program
theres no node limit
doesnt crash when you sim big circuits
but yeh, pspice will let you see dc bias points and ac component when you over over nodes
i think multisim too
you could learn if you wanted, its alot of the same maths/principles as mechanical shit
is there anything else?

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how do you see dc offset in ltspice ac analysis?
mekius: hi
i use it alot
dunno, couple years much
itll do ac anlysis of bigass circuits pretty quick
ui is kinda shitty
its spice
its light/fast as fuck
it also kinda edits the spice sim commands in front of you when you setup shit with the dialogs
so you pickup low level spice stuff while using it

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fuck that one is enough

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tekrad: because who the fuck needs 3v 1F caps?
how if it behind your back your right here
i prob would have done it if i had known you were here, anyway
well then fucking ban him danielson dont just talk about it and sit there
k now its not your channel
now its your channel, do stuff
haha its thinking
is it set to random op time?

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what time is it now
you have you shit on unix time or something
oh thats your log stamp?

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wtf +m
guys im going to try and fix my 2230
it is acting fail intermittently
sometimes on powerup its like POWER UP FAIL IN THE VID CONTROLLER YO
or something
hes doing that on freenode
i keep telling him to get a 936
but he wants hot air
hahaha i bet
22:52 < renesis> 22:51 <@BlackMoon> or ranting on and on about fucking floopy drive emulators and soldering irons.
22:52 < renesis> 22:51 <@BlackMoon> wasent he selecting a soldering iron like 4 years ago?
22:52 < renesis> is this true flyback?!
22:52 < flyback> yeah sadly :/
22:52 < renesis> =(
22:52 < flyback> I have OCD bro
22:52 < flyback> it's a pain in the ass
how long has flyback been here?!

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widescreen makes everyone look fat
who wants to use 3:4 on a widescreen?
if you got some sort of bacterial infection from having dirty hands

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its only significant if there is vid of it
someone gonna make a ytmnd out of you

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is on its way?
was the bolt the right one?

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hah @ compatible connectors

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wtf @ fingerprints dissapear
oh, sucks

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i do my invoices and timesheets on mine
also i like to use it as an mp3/flac/stream player when setting up listening tests at work
demo cd kinda sucks after 1000 times
also its neat for movies, i have a 120gb usb powered hdd it can run off of for two hours

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did zzz paste that in here?
anyway i have the 4g is pretty useful
i paid 2x =(

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guys you know those little clear knob bezels on 2200 series tek scopes?
mine broke
its falling off the knob
this sucks its traumatising me
prob a newer version of sql

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inittab: nice metaphorical fail
no i mean you did a nice metaphor of that fail
theming and configuration
you store the data and render everything on the fly so it looks the same
ssi works
for dynamic css
to unbrake pages
you cant store data with it
yeah probably

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hahaha rambus
isnt its just a db
so what are tripping out on
where do you put the infos
css is fucked up
i gave up
you have to use some kind of scripting to serve two diff version
or more
or something fucks up something
in some minor but totally fucking annoying way
the frames
assembly is prob mostly people
dioxide: hi

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