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heh in the 90s everything somehow got smaller while looking fatter and weighing more

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i guess it could do it on the freeway
my crx got like 35-40mpg
like, dying
like 2500?
hehe my civic is like 1750
CVCC head ftw
camaro is prob 1k heavier
doubt that thing is under 3k
especially with the v8
heh, they say 1713 lbs
that page is fucking up my chrome
id guess the 80s ones are a bit lighter

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around your size
heh, ze 512 actually come in 13"
i got some for my crx, from a wholesaler, like $65 each or something
i guess they wear way quicker when youre hard on them
i guess they heat up quick and theyre pretty soft
fun tires, good in the wet, but even my crx ate them up
youre using the camaro as a dd?
hehe neat
civic prob isnt much better than 30

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americas tires usually has something you can do all 4 for under $200
have you checked falkens?
falken is performance stuff, tire brand
americas tires is tire shop place, dunno if theyre just local or what
anyway falkens are sticky but they dont last very long
they make street semi-slick tires
they make decent all weather stuff too
oh theyre like $100 each

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its fucking old, everything could possibly fail at every moment
plus engine feels as old as it is
like 197k miles
i prob wouldnt trust your camaro to do like 800mi in a weekend either
not if i had to use it to get to work and back everyday
if i didnt have to use it for work i would have gone
yeh exactly
also theres a tear in my sidewall
i should deal with that this week
rotate mofo
hehe sucks

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almost 6mo ago
yes like january or february i think
late january
are they actually gonna do that shit?
anyway also i was just busy
schoolwork taking up more time than i thought
you live right there tho!
tho yeah i could have figured something else if i spent a bit of time figuring it out
inittab: anyway volvo runs pretty much the same as when i got it

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fucking china factory tricked me today
they converted a production 220V amp for a preproduction sample
so i spent half the day looking for a prob with the limiter circuit
all i had to do was flip the switch to 220
heh, i did find some fucked electrolytics ripping the amp apart to troubleshoot it tho
incompetance ftw
i need to get a reliable car i can trust so i can roadtrip for stuff like maker faire

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macegr: neat pics
thats not bad

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no not likely
at least for any meaningful period of time
V8 sounds horrible unless theyre wot
even then theyre way thumpy, shit is like a vtwin

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volvo brakes are pretty good
12krpm vette would be neat

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i need a haircut
my shit is getting all friar tuck
no it bushes out to much on the sides and low in back
no mushroom is diff
id need to get a haircut for that
i miss my dreds
im going to go say hi to them k bbl

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and those multiple shaft predictive transmissions are prob shit for reliability
like rear axle = muscle
i floor that shit ever turn cuz it makes me giggle when the back slides out a couple inches
thats not true rab
*live rear
old cars are neat with replaced shocks
thats not kit
completely diff car!
fuck those rednecks

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auto vette is lame
my brothers had that 4+3 thing
where 3 of the gears had overdrives
yeah C4 thing
playboy is for the articles
the porn is so softcore its like reading a department store catalog
get a huslet
dunno theyre all the same
torque converters are lame
doesnt matter
im driving an auto because life sucks sometimes
they come in manual
anyway, auto transmission is convienient

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rab: are they like 180hp or something?
i think when they switched over to the C4 vette, they were doing like 200hp or something
omg thats just hideous looking
rab: i meant the injector assembly itself

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wtf @ that injector assembly
no i get TBI
wtf is that
dunno i need to see it installed or something
i guess
vettes are supposed to have port injection
youre gonna ruin it
tho 76 sounds like an emissions year so its likely already hardcore ruined
+ plastic bumpers

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danger to camaro

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