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its a v6
and theyre usually like $5k-6k
another $8k one http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/ctd/1198496333.html
that ones a dealer and low miles, makes sense

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why are these so expensive
in that price range its def thats vs a prelude

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where is dx
i cant remember if he sent me big logic nmos or little smt ones

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anyway if you see cheap usable new stuff, pls 2 link
everything they found was like $500+ and without the triggering option we used most
hmm where to buy 3w leds
i took my tek 2230 dso to work
it worked 80% of the time
this time when it came back from a fail it was like CMOS Recovered
normally it does like MI: Video Controller TIMEOUT

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pretty neat tho, can see mechanical speaker response at same frequency for every driven frequency
i usually set it to 2Hz
does like .3 to 5Hz
id prob have to make it
and this was a constant duty strobe
ive melted strobes in the lamp, heh
it has inch long steel endcaps, and steel sleves slid over that
lasted like 20 years, heh
but yeah they dont like using it because they dont like switching it off to let it cool
which just seems like laziness because were pulsing the speaker at 1 sec every 5 sec
so we dont burn coils
ive used it fine for couple hours at a time

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or hes just afraid to
moon banned him without kicking him
i hope he finally bought a soldering iron or rework station or something
so maybe i can do this with an LM317, a to220 darlingon, and a 3W led
im not sure whats up with duty tho
it needs to be synced
well, precision desynced actually
slow motion
bruel and kjaer stroboscope
cmon you know if just the bulb is $1250, the whole unit is badass

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flyback: cant you just answer in channel?
and i think theres is a bit of flyback in the system
my guess is the long cable for the 300VDC
anyway theres a 5V trigger pulse
also a 300 pulse
which gets boosted for the trigger voltage
its weird tho it triggers by lifting the grounded side of the tube
you tie the trigger wire to the low side, which becomes the really really hi side
if someone is banned they cant talk?

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i wonder if a 317/337 will current reg like 1A @ 1KHz
50% duty i guess
have to convert a strobe setup to led
the heh, because the super hardcore 1980s strobe tube is like $1250
and everyone else is afraid to use the radioshack one
because you have to keep duty cycle low with the switch on the lamp, and watch/listen for when the tube gets too hot and the xenon arc threshhold fall below the 300VDC bias
then the arc turns orange and the switch does nothing because the arc isnt caused by triggering
so you have to turn off the controller/psu
ive been using it for weeks like this no issues, heh

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macegr: heh

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no rab
there is no lol
wtf at the sadface on the right like NAME ME!
Our campaign.s emoticon sad face needs a name! Send us your suggestions and our youth advisory board will pick their favorites for an online poll to decide the final name. Thank you for your help and ideas. Keep up the good work!
guys we can vote on its name

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