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macegr: sweet, ty

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fuck i hate mm
this thing is sexy i want it

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1.24 for a 2500 reel
tekrad: hi
pwm current regs

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prob not much
they prob saturate if they dont get enough current
it might just be a ref
maybe they say...
1.4V dropout
mine was like $3, no...

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i dont care so much for this
oh weird
look at figure 9 they have a pwm circuit
wtf is pin4...
oh haha
theyre switching the ground
thru a 2n2222
2n2222 is like .10 probably
i think they are more than 3904
yeh that prob works
yeh do that shit thats def erotic

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i really like that cat4101 thing
.5v dropout
linear pwm current driver
im haxing a big led onto our stroboscope at work
i built a 317 current reg switched with a darlington at work
that shit did pretty square current pwm with sine wave input way past 10KHz with no attenuation
im gutting the strobe lamp and it has some nice heatsink surfaces
so like efficiency and dropout dont matter
i need to see if it works past 1KHz with like no duty pulse
if it craps out im prob going to get that
and just do a pcb
that = cat4101 thing

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hi wat
all these fucking led drivers are smt
sometimes i hate being in the future
you you need like square tube for that to work
square tube is awesome but angle iron is pretty hardcore
you can use the extra pieces for braces or something

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this is just for a big led driver with convienient input or what
heh, are you doing a 10W combined discrete RGB?
a LDO reg with a .25V ref and like 2A max would be the shit for this
wait what leds
9 * 3W ?
that would be epic
youd have to sell them with a warning

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whats happens if you set diff values for each output
just adds them no drama or what
i wonder if the 5W are worth the extra $15

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i want something i can point to point wire tho
tho these linear things are looking sex so maybe i just do a pcb on tinkerbelle
macegr: can you pwm that?
so you need that plus a switch

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mine is like, GND, PWM, LED_SINK
they need to put my shit in a chip
macegr: heh
i didnt catch it at first
yeh i think LM317 are pretty stable with temp
i wonder what kinda dropout those things have
mine need a darlington drop + LM317 ref + LM317 dropout
thats like 5 or 6 V right there damn
maybe i should use a logic nmos
well it doesnt matter for my thing i guess

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one of the led driver topology options is 'smart'
something like that
something without the vin and reset pins would be more awesome

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you lie
if this were true youd be the most powerful engineer on the planet
gov would have to split you up into smaller macegr
so where did you find it?
if its public they will prob change or remove it =( =( =(
oh neat
kevtris: IT WORKS

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okay yeh
you need low ref part
some adjustable LDO will have like .5V reference
so you have to clk in 4 bits for every cycle?
i just need the current driver tho
because we have the triggering circuit to control the pulse timing

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heheh the engineer asked me 'this will cost under $100, right?'
so the $20 5w star is prob ok!
for current reg?
do you mean the mosfet in the current reg circuit or or mosfet in the switching circuit
no strobing
okay its like 8 diodes as my power led simulator
going into the LM317 input
then output goes thru a 2.7R resistor to the ADJ pin
thats the current reg part
the ADJ pin is connected to the collector of the darlington
1.25V * reg current
is power
and do you mean using LM317 as a vreg?
im not doing that this is simpler

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wonder what twingy wanted
thats neat hes still alive
so i got 88% on my trig final
all i have to do is rework that psych paper and im mfkin done
also LM317 seems to work pretty okay as a current reg @ .5A switched @ 1KHz+
that shit didnt start attenuating current till like 100KHz, and i just realized i left the generator driving the darlington in sine mode
so like decision now is 3W luxeon star or 5W

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fake modem, processing offloaded to the cpu

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fck acroread it was worse than acrobat

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i think they just use those diodes
.33 10W output transistors
er, resistors
just do foxit
adobe locks up on my dual core notebook at work

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not that old
i feel like this convo has happened before

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inittab: stingray 1 or stingray 2?
i dont like the older stingrays
i think Vbe goes down with temp, no
i wonder how they did the AB base bias
one is all it takes

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hahaha @ block diagram on the top
we have an old brit class-d amp like that
well, yeah
everyone knows its crap
but id def rather have peavey crap than behringer crap
behringer has a dsp crossover for like $350
i wont buy it =\
is that shit 4u?
i bet its mostly huge EI transformer
more circuitry done with wires
prob not

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i mean they destroy themselves eventually
i kinda like our amps
all our products i think those are the sexiest
id get a discount
peavy, yay
i have no rational reason for liking that company but i have since i was a kid
damn @ price

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need megahuge amp
heh, abusing speakers for work is kinda neat
i want to find a job like that
like for the weekends
im ass backwards id do the dj thing because i want to have the sound system
id have to justify it somehow and make it pay for itself
dude you left a motor mount insert out
this is just karma
did you sell that car? heheh
so yeah maybe i could rent out my soundsystem to djs
this would be the least drama
limiters ftw
no id rent myself with the system
speakers getting fucked up is life, shrug

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pharkus: i could see that just vibrating out
normal fuse
pharkus: set screws with lock nuts with lock washers
we have an amp that pulls more than 15
they wired it right into the 50A service because they were afraid it melt the wall outlets we breakout the 50A lines with
4kw china amp, feer
we have megahuge speakers to test for thermal rating purposes

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ive never set a car on fire =\
my loser dad did that to his 914
thats hardcore!
fuck a car fire, but an amp fire, that means youre alive
thats awesome
i dunno theyre not glass, plastic usually catches fire
might have been the fuse contacts wearing out because of vibration
its not gonna catch fire like that
speakers wear out connectors

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wrench too long
maybe the relay welded closed?

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haha sounds like stu
my crx came with a plywood donut as a motor mount insert
it was covered in grease =\
looked like rubber until i degreased the engine
haha what

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