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that just seems like the wrong place to buy a hex wrench

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i tested alot less of those
they still came in the sexy little preamp envelope tho
bass thru overdrive is pretty neat
im missing one hex key in my set
its the one that fits my bass's truss rod

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heh, i liked the 12ax7 the best
heh, seeing like 100 of them in a little pile was pretty neat
yeh i dont really want to do hv tube stuff

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tubes are neat
i want to do a 12ax7 preamp
i had a job where i tested and matched like thousands of tubes

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im pretty sure theres alot of spice models around
use ltspice and join the yahoo group and read their subcircuit faq

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this is for an amp?
youre thing has a frozen mode of operation?
crazy snow monkeys

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if its high side
but i think it ends up being the same thing
i dunno what you want it to be
are you floating the ADC or it has inputs for full scale min and max
or what
i dont get whats going on then =(

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why wouldnt you have a resistor at gnd tho =\
hey thats not enuogh )
okay, you take the difference of the high voltage and low voltage
multiply that with the ratio of the resistor you want the voltage across over the total resistance of the divider
then add that to the low voltage
actually that only works if R1 is the low side of the divider

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blackmoon: hi
`nico: hi
whats a kurt 688
ive seen custom kurt fixture
like taller than people
we had a kurt pretty big like that at school
hmm, i think ours had a wider jaw
i dunno if it opened up 8.8" tho
heh, that sounds right =
pharkus: whats a kc
does it have a vagina?
if yes, youre doing something wrong
lets hope you are right then

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like, tiny bit of smoke coming off the flutes is perfect
yeh if its smoking its prob already too hot =(
1/4" wide aluminum is pretty thick
blackmoon: try and load dealextreme
i need to buy hardcore leds already
the indian took down deal extreme
itll half load sometimes
but not the search and not two reloads in a row =(

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i use mineral oil alot, i machine in my room
baby oil is hella available
i can get that shit in 10min at 3am
it works and doesnt smell like cutting fluids will
heh @ burning 3 in 1
it doesnt smell that bad, not like heavy motor oil
manual machines are neat you can use the oil smoke to judge feedrates

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thats no prop =(
the reg mispelt founder
one less indian changes nothing
read the scroll timecop posted a list
maybe deal extreme was running on this failvps thing
and thats why its failing so hard

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guys who broke deal extreme
`nico: morning
timecop: also morning
i hate that pic yo
it makes them look as big as cats

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