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how much current do they pull?
weird, so the grids work ground biased?
because 12ax7 is what guitar amps use

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yeh ill do 100v across my hand like whatever
110 is really like 180
works like a mosfet amp
high impedance capacitive control
you can put 9v on the heaters?
oh it has two heaters?
haha silly
you could just use diodes
to drop voltage
i dunno maybe thats cheating tho
maybe you have to use a bigass resistor to be authentic
put the led under the tube

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heh @ class A preamp
oh right
because dual triode
yeh its fucking scary
blackmoon: smokey variac and 1000v transformers are kinda scary
that whole setup growled like it could prob push decent current =(

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doitle: theyre pretty durable
you know pretty quick if theyre leaky, the getters turn all grey/white
they turn chalk white and start falling off the glass
ive never built anything with them
ive just done qa on hundreds of boxes of them
i got my vfd tubes working
7 segment things
but thats not really the same

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maybe he was gonna survive the plane crash
k prob not

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i can do that with an orbital jigsaw and plexiglass

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it should be easier

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its diff kind of distortion tho

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limiter circuits arent that hard to build
so solid state doesnt clip hard

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dip switches and exponential values
where did you get it?
yeh probably

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people get very personal about riaa stages
i told other hacker at work i wanted to do one based on a natsemi design because i could use the second amp in it as a gain stage
and he was like NOOOO and gave me books and an aes journal article
yeah ive only seen a few preamps with input capacitance switches
i dont remember seeing any dj mixers with it
yeh im sure
the values are pretty spaced

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anyway the linearity of the magnetic force versus excursion on those things is pretty impressive
what like a cone smaller than the voice coil?
sounds like a nightmare
i want to strobe them
you could prob put the magnets on the inside

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no i had to stop working on it
school will be finished within the hour probably
dude i got an 88% on my trig final
that fucking tragic, and that was like no projects
learning a ton at work tho
i have 500VA toroids
no these were from the ebay
i think theyre 20V
im going to try and get e8b woofers
$2500 monitor woofer

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heh @ turboexpress portable
sadfaces @ gnome-terminal

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bday deviation was -1
more birthdays introduces an uncorrectable state
we just have to wait
damn i called you sire instead of sir
does that make you a king or a wizard or something
male parent of an animal especially a domestic animal such as a horse
male parent of an animal especially a domestic animal such as a horse
a title of address formerly used for a man of rank and authority
no, inittab
i guess 2nd definition means he could be a king or a wizard
no thats what sire means
k i has to go to work

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happy bday
hey hes not old, fucker
u are.
im pretty much there
yeah something like that
fucking kids
no that math is incorrect sire

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so more current happens when more voltage happens
which is more power
youre funny
wtf at can you put diodes in parallel across 220
he msging me hearts

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well, even if you mean in parallel theres exactly two ways
dude youre asking if you can put diodes across 220
see thats the point
the only the way any diodes are going to survive that, 'back to back'
is in series with opposite bias so they never conduct
and leds will just die
as you exceed their reverse breakdown voltage by like 210 volts
yeah so simple it dies before it even burns
no it wouldnt
you build a driver
some sort of switched power supply
you can use rectified mains, theyre usually current feedback
anyway, thats not an led
thats an led driver attached to an led
its dangerous
sure, but 220 is twice as dangerous
power is voltage times current

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im pretty sure whatever you mean, its no
wtf is anti-parallel
or in parallel with different bias direction
here go spend $20 on leds and try it
08:48 <@cheater> do you know what it means to connect two leds back to back?
anyway i can think of like 4 diff ways to wire up two leds back to back

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thats likea cheapest lumens per $
it says i can pulse them at 2A \o/

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