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i think usually from below
not sure tho

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black dog or rock and roll
nm, immigrant song

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it remove remnant gas by oxidizing
good tubes its mirror finish, like mercury or something

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wow korn got sub bass
yay fieldy

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i wonder what bad days are like =(
oh yeah
when i got home theres this flipped minivan
and this little subaru sedan
like barely fucked up in the front right next to it

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look on mcmaster to see what theyre called then look every else
i bet shit pops up if you just put coupler
yeh but maybe theres other names for it
damn thats unlucky

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which one is it anyway

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with a ridiculous resistor at like 1% efficiency
he didnt mention a resistor
blackmoon: yes
also i think tensile strength testester
the ones that just pulled metal apart
yeh thats the other thing
you need series diodes
or some manner of custom made super led
yeh im about to start
fucking work
i would bitch more but timecop is still lordpil trolling
i did a bunch of work that was renenderd void by bom/schematic rev hell
duh timecop, some of them know how to use the google

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10:14 <@`nico> renesis, I got some message from cheater, probably about the ban, who is that guy?
i dunno who invited him, hes from #electronics
was being an ignorant inneffective troll
yeh got big
did we ban charles?
oh he timed out
but yeah cheater called me tj keller because i wasnt taking his inverse parallel leds across 220vac idea seriously

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if you have a good headsink, try and get the leds as close to the plants as possible
like, if the leds are ok, im guessing heat is prob ok like a couple inches out
careful with outside plants they got bugs =(

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i think under 5w in both cases
i was just doing a small clone
and it only got maybe 12" before it outgrew its box
i guess it was growing pretty fast compared to fleuro clones
i was gonna try power leds next
find a plot of photosynthesis activity vs light frequency
theres two diff set of peaks for chloryphyll a and b
see if the leds are way off or something
also i was using a fairly small white paper lined box

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