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also i dont even think thats a real battery
it just looks like a clip glued into a battery packs

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no not yours the russian engineered tool
why cant you be unit41 its confusing like this

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wtf is leadis technology
.4v dropout at 1A
for u!
i was thinking to current lock some leds
should be fine?
whats min voltage

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k you need to chill out
anyway nire
theyre on a top shelf
what adjustableldo do you use?
*adjustable ldo
right so random
if i can find cheap ones theyd make neat current regs
its not for you

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timecop: probably not but they maybe made that pin common with other stuff in the coil assembly
is that a bottom view?
of the pads?
thats fucked up!

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did they send one or two?
they send me two im like wtf

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i got 3rd and 4th
but the ford falcon got so much more power, its like the shit has KERS
mini passes the falcon, track gets straight, falcon pwns the mini
in my typical style, i punt myself while battling for 1st and end up fighting my way back from back of the class
both races =\
i did a paint job for my fakerace mini =\ =\ =\

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guys i got the mega leds
haha guys what happens if i put ls series logic directly on a transistor base?
are they current protected?
prob just because i didnt try them switching a ton of power
works awesome tho! =\
its all perfboarded, i just gave to hack a base resistor in
blackmoon: does current limit = internal resistors?
because that doesnt sound ok
tiny current sinks/sources sounds kinda overkill

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does it have breadboard area?
yeh my cousin had one
i did a pencil lead drivider vco synth with it
while trapped at grandmas one weekend
well obviously our families are different then
guys im half second off pace with the mini in fireball configuration
cooper mini fail

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i prob have that on a drive somewhere
resistors of fire
it was quite the rage for awhile
also there was that vid of the led killing
because everyone argued how it would fail so someone did it, to music
theyre just boken out to some springs?
experimenter fail

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if youre doing it right they adjust, custom fit

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hes really into computers and his favorite activity is magic the garthering

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glue orgy
sucks to service/mod them
seems like i would be pretty simple to permanently seal two pieces of plastic together
im pretty sure this was like advanced technology in the 50s
kevtris: maybe because if the whole thing was sealed it would make the other buttons pop out when you pressed one!
i could see a marketing guy being like, thats cheap make it non bloaty

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thats lame
yeh 2 months is retarded
2 years would be normal
is it made a china?
specifically china?
theyre usually pretty insane with the glue
im surprised they didnt glue the fuck out of it
yeh when it would really help
fuckit guys, lets do this one neat
kevtris: china audio factories have access to speaker glues
like, hot mlt would be welcome
we have active subs so they have to seal everything for air leaks

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damn that was like a week ago
weekend woot is fail

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and one of those
to drive it, xylotex 4ch, i use emc2 on ubuntu to drive it
to drive the driver
there is a yo dawg joke in that somewhere
use dish soap
as a coolant and lube
soapy water
can you remove the part?
if you can remove it, you can use a spray bottle, if not get a horsehair brush or chip brish or something, to brush the soapy water on

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cnc made the most horrible noises cutting that shit out
looks pretty good tho
k in the future, i should etch the backside mirrored
it looks sexier viewed from below thru the acrylic
inittab: engraving an acrylic plate for mounting someones prototype stuff at work
yeh i thought the cnc was gonna fuck up it sounded so bad
its on full step mode too so it sounds pretty horrible doing curves and diagonals anyway
i need some biggy steppers and gecko drives
and like an 80v psu
hell no
this thing is like, abused for years and still acting like when i got it
is one of those
needs steppers and controllers

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these toolpaths are so nasty

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oh neat
mastercam has trace image raster to vector

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weird ive seen the ones with a quarter missing called quarter round =\
i was gonna say, freeze them or clamp them in wood or aluminum or something
those are nuts
theyre like little fucking darts
good cuts but fragile
i have the pyramid ones at that angle tho (30d)
i get the pyramid ones, hauling ass, the 5mil tip lasts a few pcb
but they break to like 10mil tips
which lasts a really long time
not for me, trying search
blackmoon: shrug

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cut they cut half off of the cone
i think the cone is ground at an angle
like, the point of the cone is centers but its kinda off to one side
so you get a current edge
i dunno if his drawing skills suck or he made it offset on purpose
www.use-enco.com is temporarily unavailable
theyre pretty strong
yeah small tools
they make quarter rounds too
same thing except only a quarter is slices out
its for strength i think
to get reliable conical tips
but they make 1/4" left too

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like zoom in on a curve and its like a series of lightning bolts
so i was gonna redo it
no i think its just issues with anti aliasing
because it has to take color images and turn them into vectors
this is pretty normal behavior for raster to vector stuff
ive never played with it im sure you can process the images to not be so nuts
maybe just a simple kinda pixel step thing
instead of random directions because it cant decide what color defines an edge
yeh but i dont have the app, its demoware too
limited experimentation time
i just have the dxf output
theyre all $$$, but i think theres a handful of demo image converters
but yeh no time and not a big deal
haha so im just going to feed it to the machine
i fucking cant find my 90deg half rounds either
so im etching it with 30deg pyramids =\
half round
single flute conical cutter

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and it didnt freak out and cry
coworker wants me to etch some plexi
so he took some image file and fed it to some image to dxf converter
and zoomed way back it looks okay
but you soom in and it looks cracked out, like literally it looks jagged

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that looks about right
maybe they didnt want to spend on sockets
so they punked the chip maker into makeing special leads
sweet i did -(9.75/2) in a mastercam dimension box

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haha wtf @ that ecu
has enough transistors to be a power amp
yeh looks nice
and steel panels?
hed is that quad chip thru hole with staggered leads?
pitch is too big
its like those J lead packages

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link to datasheet, and any opamp will run off single supply if theres enough headroom
same issue with bipolar tho

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custom like you have limited docs
else post a pinout or something

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you could use shift registers
out put the ram interface one the data pins
and use the two pins as r/w and maybe a switch between two banks or who knows
thats lame timecop
wtf are you doing anyway
is this a custom chip or what

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timecop: yeh its either serial (doubt) or theyre just latching and r/w pins
you have 8bit gio right
you cant access it
or its a continuous stream or what
because he can use it to load latches
that output to memory chips
no idea would need to see the docs

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