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sex appeal

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i kinda wanna get a cdrw for mine
well, dvdrw
k im gonna get my slackware partition back

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omg mean
rab: do you still want rockit5s?
i know someone wants to sell his
the old ones, the sexy radiused corner boxes
rabh come back
i got xp installed in like 800mb
w/ pagefile
but i think it confuses one of the drivers
it books way slow
but before drivers after install is was ridiculous quick to desktop
i put slackware with blackbox in

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im late for sleep
whats it running?
nm k bye sleeps

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wtf ground is the hardest part

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told you stop freaking out, board is huge and you got 4 layers

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it tiny urls it
stop crying
can you script that
tha requires aiming
k ima fake race and crash out

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no flac
looks like the sony unit
damn $400

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omg 4 days left
i fixed the spindle motor on one of those today, pretty neat unit
xlr output with switchable home (-10dbu) and pro (+4dbu) levels
digital out
its rack mount and pretty hardcore
heh my sony cd player when i was a kid was prob the first audio electronics things i took apart
because the cd assembly was all plastic and like wobbled
well find a link for another rack mount cd player
beringhers dont count

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i was using syslinux to make the flash bootable
eeeXubuntu LiveCD - Boots to desktop. No further testing.
SystemRescueCD LiveCD - Normal functionality. Includes cfdisk for nLite pre-install.
Damn Small Linux LiveCD - Boots to desktop. No further testing.
Slackware 12 Install CD - Normal functionality. Mount SD and specify package set dir.
timecop thats notblog from like 18 months ago

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did you get into the bios and turn install mode on?
it switches the usb to 1.0 and some other thing, dont remember
dont forget to switch it back
it might be diff than mine, i was doing this stuff right before the 901 came out
and what livecd are you using?

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timecop: fool you hate atmel
and most companies have a ton of weird shit
wtf at their shit sucks
atmel samples are handled by regional distributors
it isnt atmel, its your distributor
which kinda sucks

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webcam is kinda useless anyway
and you can buy one if you really need it
i want to reinstall me eee
im only using like 2gb for the win xp install
i have a lunix install i forgot the password to on the other drive
no idea ive never replaced one
the only time i had overheating problems, it was because my heater return hose exploded
dunno maybe they decided theyre okay to run cooler, synth oil and good toleranced

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oh you got the woot?
thats prob my fab netbook
do you have a usb cdrw?
it makes it a ton easier
i did installs from the sd card, its drama
*fav netbook
but yeah all the other ones are like gloss finished
i think the 901 is the last flat black finish
neff is #electronics people i think

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sup hi
school is done, amp is priority now
last weekend i was doing some shit for work on the cnc, and testing out adjustments to the cnc
also i have this awesome ultraminimal biamp idea
oh i god an A in trig, be like yay

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im sure he did
ive never seen it
mr van damme isnt so awesome at movies tho

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we should just call him jean claude from now on

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timecop: old

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