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heh @ fetus plasma

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i dunno thats shes all standing in the open like an idiot?

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tekrad: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport2/hi/motorsport/formula_one/8108488.stm
i think bernie will sell F1 rights to fota
fuck the FIA
haha @ the teams taking F1 from bernie and that nazi fucker max

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i guess you dont write to a stream and them dump that into a file, the file is the stream
or something

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also the stupid computer is always in the way and were always having to find shit to mouse on

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it would be lunix'd
and if the hardware itself didnt have latency issues, 500Hz is kinda doable
but yeah kinda sucks actually
600MHz K6 didnt like emc2
but it would prob work for system one, its like win95 era
we should get an lcd for the one we keep on a cart
sucks doing speaker work with CRT
have to degauss them all the time

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$900, 3 bids, 4 days left
=( =( =(
its not rack mountable
rack ears arent a standard option
yeh but i can do work and make money with this
wtf @ weather channel box =\
their is a dsp version that does FFT like the new units

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like, me and other hacker want to buy 3u and 1u shelves and put it one of the padded racks
prob be like $100 worth of shelves, and we dont think theyre going to approve it
but yeah that would be neat for a system one
macegr: do you think those have low enough latency to do cnc stuff?
ha thats 701 resolution, your little touchscreens

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we have this sexy audio test thing, dc supply + dmm utility, 2 in 12 out switcher, and 2 out 12 in switcher peripherals
and were trying to make it do stuff it wasnt really meant to do so the interface software is failing
so i have to script the stupid thing to spit data in excel and hopefully graph in real time
win xp w/ audio precision system one
i want one!
theyre like $1200 =(
and theyre like 10-20 years old
we have a system one and an ATS-2 (much newer)
we cant afford it tho

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getting wpa-supplicant shit to work before was drama
i have to figure out vba stuff this weekend

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.seen rab
!seen rab
i guess that doesnt work if hes in channel anyway
rab: still wanting a pair of rockit 5?
heh its from a natsemi engineer
whats that
eee distro?
hey does that have a good wifi setup interface?
oh no shit
openbox is fucked up since ob3 tho
its cli or what?
thats kinda shitty

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