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blackmoon: they are prob just ripping everyone off at a slower rate

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did dx come back or did we stop caring\
damn i wasnt even trying
i must be some sort of troll genius
i thought gnaa was disintegrated

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f117 is like 10 years older than most people think it is

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i just figured they were shooting the gun in the air randomly
i dont think theyre networked like that
im not sure they can get local data sent to them from someplace else
the F22 is
you can have a plane in the back with radar on
sending data to a passive plane way out in front
so like the radar plane can be out of weapons range
the forward one can hit targets in stealth
but the f117 is old, i dont think they can do that
the f117 is shaped like that because the lockheed computer for the stealth calculator couldnt do curves =\
its a 70s design
no i dont think so
we dont have enough f22 to do it
the f35 can prob takes its place tho
its really slow
oh neat

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and now we get to deal with a generation of trauma fucked people like after vietnam
maybe there will be a new rambo
join the american military
you want to be the target
yeh but you have to be with the target to put it out there
stealth fighter
that was really an attack plane but whatever
stealth attacker sounds lame
sculptor with the EMI cannon

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or if you just decide killing civillians is kinda ok
they used phophourus bombs on people
they just fired the flares at the ground
they try to short out your power distribution?
turns out old bush was smart

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if youre a struggling, honest, 3rd world person, america is likely just the motherfucker who drops fire from the sky and wipes out families
it doesnt matter if your intelligence is bad

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stop lying to yourself
tell all your friends how america is shit
and how we need to change
so make it better
so be angry because people ruined it
it already is worse
terrorism happens all over the world
since forever
america is the only modern country that thinks its justified to kill 500k unrelated innocent people over it
and then we think the people should thank us!
and then we dont understand why the region wants to kill us!

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why do iranians yell death to america?
tekrad, because we yell death to arabs
there doesnt need to be any other data
if 500k dead doesnt end the discussion you obviously have no soul
9/11 is isnignificant
3k vs 500k
less than 1%
you would have to say an iraqi life is worth less than 1% of an american life
for it to be justified
9/11 didnt cause the war
what a joke
9/11 was an excuse to let bush cause a war
theyre a waste
blood on bushes hands
republican elected war criminal bush
see how you change it?
see how you cant just deal with issues?
500 people are dead
mothers, daughters, sons, grandfather, teachers, nurses, doctors
over a lie tekrad
there doesnt need to be any other numbers
someone has to answer for those
deal with the issues tekrad
instead of just diverting the matter
answer for 500k people gone
for an optional war
still waiting

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or whether they were too stupid to see it coming
with obvious signs
they used it
and they lied
and 500k people are dead
america commits war crimes
3k vs 500k
cmon man
9/11 really doesnt matter anymore
fuck that i live here this is my home
justify 500k dead
do it
why is it ok
dude when youre unrelated
america is the country that drops hell from the sky
that makes families go away
kuwait was somewhat justified
because we killed 500k of their neighbors
cmon tekrad
because we created the gov they live under now?
because we sold weapons to everyone in the region 20 years ago?
because we support isreal, which is a nuclear superpower
but wont let them have a deterent?
they didnt do it
white people did
who cares
thats just talking points
thats one man being an idiot
iranians are just people
so anyway
because millions of jews were killed
its ok to kill 500k iraqis over lies?
and call it a win?
because we set up some pawn gov?
mid easterners hate us because were invaders
i love that

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we killed 500,000 people at least
thats lame
justify murder like that?
any bit helps
your party decided optional that kill half a million people is a better way to spend it
the administration lied
i do remember
your elected leader lied
i did
look at them now
it isnt
youre elected republican leader lied
he said iraq was a threat
he insisted
he made collen powell lie to the UN
they made it up out of torture cooerced statements
'enhanced interrogation'
nice change of subject
check it out we can do less now
to defend against n korea
because we wasted our military killing innocent people over lies in iraq
none of this is like disputed its a matter of history
n koreans were threatened
we acted like we were gonna bomb on their ass
we called them evil
so theyre doing what american would do
what we proved worked
mutually assured destruction works
hope hope
3000 is insignificant compared to 500k
believe it
go cry to your patriotic friends
it doesnt matter
they used it
it really doesnt matter
wether they knew about it and did nothing
whether they created it

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in any case, if you were born isreali, isreal is your home
you have the right to defend it
the palestine situation is all fucked up
but yeah if im isreali and theyre launching rockets at my ass id prob be pissed off too
bullshit tekrad
we killed 500k of them
we ruined that place
and we made 911 insignificant
911 doesnt matter anymore
so its wrong
so it was a waste of money
it was half a million innocent people dead because we wanted it
no dude
911 doesnt matter
its 3k people
it really isnt a big deal anymore
unless youre saying iraqis are valued as less
as human being they are worth less
tekrad: 9/11 isnt significant
it could have been
but we undid it

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they live in a country 10mi wide
everyone around them wants to kill them
yeah thats how it works
also conservative jews dont have to participate
thats not all of it
the money thing comes from the spanish inquisition actually
handling money was one of the jobs they were allowed to do
also jews see themselves as the chosen ones
and everyone else as decieved fools
thats not nationalism
thats part of their religion
but it makes it pretty fuckin easy to understand why
but he enjoys acting as if he does

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blackmoon: skittle bombs are neat
diff results than so far

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wait what

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haha @ robot coffee
wow she pours the coffee
its the next step after drones
its prob where black project money is going now
drone mecha and power armor
haha yeah
shes determined!

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