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what does that mean

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P3338 PSYCH 001 3 B
i was worried i was going to fail that class

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hahah @ $5/MB
haha @ $5000/GB
so if you went double over your 5GB limit you would owe them $25k
o, its some sane less funny number of money
isnt that like $50K

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blackmoon: he said ssop
soic is sop
i think i have a 9800gtx
that shit is stupid long
its all bumping my hdd

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oh shit
system one uses 5532 opamps
heh, k that was funny

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heh @ 400kw
that would rawk
up to 0000 before they just spec it by diamater

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which is
whats it missing
blackmoon: congrats

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hey you know why its 10^(deciBels/10)!?
because its deci!
tho like, when youre working with voltages its /20 so its not like stupid obvious =\

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you need to know the load reference
or else dBm/dBu dont mean much
its 1mW into 600R for dBu, i think its like 50R or something for dBm

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