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not if it dissapears before you use it
the bubble dye would prob dissapear in seconds
or itd be really smudgy =\

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green and cyan zubbles ftw

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that page replaces every que with QUEUE
macegr: neat
gmm wtf at disappearing color
dunno colored bubbles i guess
wtf like maybe they stain but you just cant see it
$15 a bottle and it only comes in blue and pink

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haha two other people sniped seconds before me with bids more than i was originally gonna bid

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mrtube: i bought ap system one, after paypal drama and shipping itll be here to test out in maybe week and a half
so far is my biggest tax writeoff
i got sys-22g, so its like dual channel generator, dual channel analyzer, bunch of monitor outputs
with proprietary and gpib pc interface
what do you mean how did i do that
i put the numbers in the sniper and 5 sec before the end of the auction it got it for me while i was at work
for kinda more than i wanted but everytime i snipe for as much as i want i lose and wish i bid more
so i did

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no fucking idea
im just looking at the vid
this guys vid kinda sucks
ham swap meet

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hi sup
i only have one set of mount holes to drill
and something to mount them too
i would have done it last weekend but i didnt make CNC files for the first set
i guess i just typed in the coordinates and drill codes manually
like an asshole =\
so i have to double check the distances
i got a B in my psych class \o/
so the delay wasnt for nothing (i was worried i was going to fail that class)
going to trw swap meet tomorrow

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timecop: heheh @ silk labels
nice board

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