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test failed

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`nico: i hate pisscats

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well, nucalur activity in los angeles
i guess

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dont joke about nuking hollywood
if they nuke downtown, it mostly rolls off the santa monica mountains
valley okay
but if you nuke right at hollywood
then the blast shoots down the cahuenga pass
prob takes out everything to van nuys
i would prob be all irradiated and shit
id be a fallout goul =\
macegr: there was a nuclear meltdown like 8mi from here =\
also val kilmer
he want to school like 2mi from the nuclear meltdown
mrtube: yes
santa susana, they were unshielded research reactors
also rocketdyne washed down the rocket test platform withsome nasty shit
thats kinda the only really public fuckup

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that seems cheap im pretty sure it was way more at a local electronics shop yesterday

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i guess he wasnt wearing his seatbelt when his plane landed
and hit his head

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