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fuck keeping the loaded clip in the case and leaving it around
dude when i was a kid i used to stack random shit to get on top of counters and refrigerator and shit
i would keep it in the same room but not in the same place
this guy is a tard
but yeah for defence, assuming a lock keeps a dude from opening a box is kinda dumb
dude just got into your house
sometimes these people know how to pick locks

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a KK gun
hes gone now
you are new at #cars
KK had that gun
well, hmm no another sig sauer
226 i think
p226 or p266 or something
he was an pill junkie ass, youre better off not knowing him

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i dont like those things
its like a sedan on steroids
= problems

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yes and like for speakers
cuz i mean a small truck is pretty lame for something like that anyway
kinda sucks tho someone can like steal your tiny lab

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i dont want a big truck
maybe something like that

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small mammal cars yay!
i want
in grey metallic
it has 5 cylinders

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inittab: rab fucking gaurantees it, i got no problems
i saw the prototype on the freeway a fewtimes
i guess they were showing off to car magazines
it was more boxy and angular
it had the radiused corner theme but the surfaces were all flat
and it had hard cut edges in the body around the glass
original Xb was pretty neat
it was like anti styled
thats a handsome looking car!

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dunno maybe
maybe get a new car
vw rabbit or scion tc
but yeah be nice if the volvo could last longer so i can further increase moneyball diameter

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when they were driving the protype around LA like 4 years ago or whatever, it wasnt so jelly beaned

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yeah i dunno its better than a motorcycle
i seen crazy fucked up suvs
all flipped and crushed
most accidents i seen with small cars...
front or rear of the car, total loss
passenger section, totally fine, half the time driver sitting there like 'hey wtf just happened'
also yeah at high speeds, you need the car to disintegrate a bit before stopping, else you just die from the deceleration =(

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yeah i think something like that
all that shit prob needs to be replaced by now
no seems the same since i got it
stfu its really morse code
i kinda like it
but yeah i want another smallcar
which is decidely more ghey but more fun to drive with less gas
i seen that at work
also i saw mr clarkson crash one into a wall
interesting car
i dont want one ever
center of gravity too high
i want the rabbit i think
wtf how do you not drive a smart like a retard
kinda like, permanent retard mode
hey i dunno
because some gas stations dont have diesel
i never pay attention to prices but at one place i think it was cheaper than normal gass
yeah i thought so
but itll be the 2010 rabbit i think
i dont like those so much they kinda ruined the front

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its prob more the head siezed and the pistons prob got the valves
wtf is dicks
working on a car in a slanty parking space sucks
maybe not, check engine light
its hot out lately
also the electricals in this car are not the greatest

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i think its cherron or cheron
i dont even remember
i dont think on the boat
and not in the slaver town because the only thing i did there was waste everyone
i havent done an eviljane yet
on my day off
fuck the volvo inittab
itll be fine!
its got 197K on it!
i have 3K left before it self destructs!
haha scary
the accord had like 160
the crx had around that much i think
i can go check
i should sell that shit
fucked head

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i did that think where you get that paladin girl and cheron tho
i ran into the bug without knowing it, so alot of the game might have been easier than it was supposed to be
yeah they dont like each other
but i guess you get the paladin automatically
dont remember details
so if you already have cheron, you can have them both for most of the game after
then i think at some point they went to their home location
like after you get seperated
and you can only pick one after
i didnt know tho, so when she didnt wanna join me because of cheron i thought she was just being a bitch
she didnt care
charon is prob the best person to have
who knows
he was like this bar tenders slave
infinite shotgun ammo
red power armor
no i mean the spelling

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inittab: i dont think mine did
damn i still have fallout 3 installed
man that ending fucking killed it for me
the writing was fucked
the DC wastes and the interface are pretty good
lot of the quests were neat, but main story was so fail
hi i know
its fallout
also its bethesda
i just didnt want to

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wtf are you babbling about

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