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oh, haha old school
in original fallouts you could fuck people up by giving them too many stimpacks

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1st party mods only dont do it

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hmm im getting weird audio crap
yeah trying again

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wtf is this games for windows live
enabling all mods
it put all 1st party mods after fallout3.esm
except anchorage
ha neat
ok trying

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hey i just pul the texture and menu folders in my data dir?
they dont exist yet

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neat textures are here
yeah just rocks tho
no thats the only pics i saw
was of some rocks

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they are military people if you cant be like cycling that thing as fast as you can hook jets up its a dog
skateboard ramps, moon
i seen em do it they point the exust straight down and like bounce them off skateboard ramps
it look is like theyre going to just fall into the ocean
but then they kinda float and then streak away at 50mph or whatever
video folder doesnt exist
they have a data folder and a video folder in this rar
but the video folder isnt in the data folder like in the game dir
no one of the bethesda mods
i guess it changes some vids

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i was blowin up vertibirds and shit
have you dont that yet?
its like the tinest nuke, its awesome
k 1.6 installed
now waiting for textures
maybe not enough steam for catapults so why bother
the catapult rams are fucking huge
yeab but compare that to a nuke
like, the catapult rams are *huge*

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1.6 like half done
haha i remember when i first got a computer it took like 30 hours to download a 100mb demo =\
'im download it from someplace else and see which wins'
i have two copies of boy and his dog coming
one public track, the other private, 1/3 the seeds, 2x the size, 2x the speed, so taking same amount of time
the smaller one is starting to slightly pull ahead like 10%
but now i want the big one because its at like 70%
yeah the big dumb robot
i was all running ahead of him
and hed like zap me, mfkr

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haha what
yeah im not surprised at all
its oblivion based
which is loosely morrowind engine based
the games are basically giant mods
haha cool they named it GECK
easy to follow whats clobbering what i guess
they link is totally failing

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its supposed to be more fallout than madmax or six string samurai
or so says my bad movie expert friend
i am aquiring
whats that from
pace fix?
whats scrounger + ammo nerf
self explanatory
shit how do i tell version?
i guess it worked
i thought it said on the title splash
tekrad: neat
the finish makes it look waxy
what 1.6 patch =(
yeah i figured that out

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neat they showed up in FOMM
thats kinda fun to say
timecop: FOMM
k so walk/run faster
weight and ammo mod
that adjusts ammo power?
no slowdown i dunno, mightmouse i dunno, better pace mod?
tekrad: random
put leds on it
okay do toobs
no slowdown is?
whats better pace mod
im prob going to play on hard
hey have you ever seen a boy and his dog?

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is it work
oh i has it
yeah didnt work first time so i was gonna change settings
but it worked

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whats fomm
from pipboy or hotkey or what
my irc client isnt on this box
its on a box 3ft away but whatever its drama
im downloading it!
uyour files year i need those

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in an F1 car its like lethal but you have to go into it madman without lifting
because everyone else does
dunno depends on the car
outside front or rear
the spare wheels are on the car!
well, like long rallys i guess
*arent *arent *arent!
blackmoon: almosy have all updates/expansions
blackmoon: k list of your mod changes!
that shit sounds kinda cool
is bethesda mod.. it should uninstall like one click, no?

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its F1, movies cant be as awesome
cmon max mosley was outed fucking girlnazis
and he still runs the fucking series
not next season tho \o/
shitty music
and no good shots of the turn going into it
uphill turn, its like flat out onto a straight at the top of the hill

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that never happened ever =\
funny level: timecop
lewis hamilton is black
and hes a drivers champion
no they dont that stock cars
F1 they drive in squiggles
At the age of ten Lewis approached the McLaren team principal, Ron Dennis, at the 1995 Autosport Awards ceremony and told him "I want to race for you one day." Less than three years later, he was signed by McLaren and Mercedes-Benz to their Young Driver Support Programme.
wow cool

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i think he lucked out with the drivers too
like who would have thought button would dominate and barichello would be doing his #2 ninja thing
heh they been in F1 like 10 years now
barichella has more points than any other drivers
alonso and kimi above 500 pts too, hes the only one without a championship

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thats so neat that barichello ended up with the #23 car and his bday is may 23rd too and monaco is his bday gp
heh @ #22 and #23 cars leading the championship
i think drivers championsip
like champion is #2, teammate is #2
brawn gp didnt exist until like 3 weeks before the season or something, heh
er champion is #1 (duh)
i wonder what happens if the champion changes teams
diffuser boost is pretty much gone, theyre still running at the top
yeah who knows
its not a honda engine and its a ross braun car, shrug

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like he wants to hated as much as max
im not sure you buy tickets for the race
i think maybe you just find a spot, they shut down the city
haha they let people drive on the streets on race weekend
they just shut it down when the cars are on the track
like i cant remember ever seeing specatator seating, you just see people on boats and balconys and roofs and by the track walls
should be saving more than that anyway
but yeah like saving just for that would be neat
i dunno i saw he showed up a few weeks ago and asked for me
but then dropped off again
yeah dunno
maybe him and his gf got more serious and work got busier or something, shrug

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i just saw montoya get black flagged
because he had something stuck to his car
montoya has been in stock cars for a couple years
hmm i guess this is an off week
yeah german gp next weekend
abu dhabi is in november
i want to go to monaco for my bday one year
is prob like a $4k trip tho
yeah i think you can get a travel plan for like $3k or something
maybe not anymore i havent checked in years
so apperently bernie said some commie-nazi shit or who knows\

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dropping any serious amp will prob fuck it, heh
and you can do limiter circuits that creat the same even order distortion as tewbz

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i kinda wanna do a tube preamp
but like have it so you clip the tube preamp before the solid state output amp

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wow neat
maryland and pittsburgh
you really want 1000 tubes?

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drinking the glowing water is a bad habit
guys i has too much junk
i cannot take this when i move
landfill donations need to progress at a higher rate
also i need some mfkn shelves

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never was a junkie
the stat boost never made up for the result

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yeah that was lame
hey are the expansions free?
handling it
you tweaked shit or what
how does it make it 10x harder
is ai more agressive or what
have you tyested this it doesnt fuckup?
June 24, 2009 (Rockville, MD) . ZeniMax Media Inc., parent company of noted game publisher Bethesda Softworks, today announced it has completed the acquisition of legendary game studio, id Software, creators of world-renowned games such as DOOM, QUAKE, Wolfenstein, and its upcoming title, RAGE.
wtf @ fallout website
yeah i never did that
it was obviously a bad idea

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fuck if i remember
i think 10mm was used in sub machine gun or something
i think it has damage info
are you playing with moons mods or what?
dont finish
the finish kinda sucks

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damn china dude at ham swap meet was right
fluke did buy pomona electronics
Pomona Electronics, a subsidiary of the Everett, Wash.-based Fluke Corp., plans to move its manufacturing facility to Everett by June, company officials said.
WA is better than china tho
that sucks pomona connectors and shit supposed to come from pomona
the future sucks already.
oh damn this happened like 10 years ago
wow i feel totally misled
haha why are you needing gun info

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not here
cuz like, middle of summer
bad luck and all of los angeles catches fire for 3 weeks
and not california
just LA county
because of the dry brush
so they do alot of shows, you can find some cliff to watch from

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.wz 91335
neat its not so bad

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dude i put a was in my sliding glass dor to install a/c
fuck 110F ambient
thats not good for anything
ok time for fake race practice

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i need to make a helmet that has a tube that attaches to my rooms air conditioner output
that would be the shit for sim racing

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dx^: i dunno

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inittab: no u

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a notorious speaker company
i dont really drink anything
ill drink wine and dark beer tho
how come psu symbols in eagle are all ugly

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also cree XR-E Q5-bin leds = win

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they kinda confused me
like they wanted to put me on salary and give me an engineering title
worked out to like $1/hr, no overtime
but the HR company was like, hes not a BSEE
i wonder if they know about the rest of the 'engineers'
so anyway, instead they are giving me hourly pay $2/hr raise
and a tech title (engineering tech haha\)
so yeah head boss come in to give me bad news
that im going to get even bigger raise
(i didnt really want the engineering title it wasnt worth $(40*52) a year)
yeh rly

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dx^: i got an A in trig
also i got a mfkn raise

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dx^: OMG HI

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rab: he had the triggering right but he still gets variation
because you can hear the car bouncing around in freq
like sometimes it looks close, you can see the wave stretching and contracting in time with the car heh
and yeah triggering off the coil primaries might help if theyre firing sane
and rpm timed test pin would be a nice feature
time to semi legally pick up some herb

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mxman: dunno it looks like expected
its not gonna sync perfectly unless your engine is running at a perfectly consistent rpm

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KVs hurt

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anomolies have causes
that weird slope isnt the scope
where youre scoping is prob the best place
unless you wanna troubleshoot the signal path

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you prob cant set that thing to chop mode
he means the voltage offset
theknobs at tyhe bottom by the BNC
no under those
the ones that set the vertical position

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set the set the time/cm knob to .2ms
youd only see one cycle
that one glitch in the signal wave iskinda weird

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pictars yay

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09:07 < avrPhreaque> \izua: being totally redeisgned so it'll operate from 1.8-24VDC without operator intevervention, as well as being redesigned to work on an ATtiny10 instead of an ATtiny25
current status of beacon sim

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