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i dont want to waste it either
i never used bombs enough in zelda
i walk around with 16 all the time like a pimp
then something drops bombs link standing there like an idiot
not sure, i think i fucked it up
i used it and snuck away, im not sure if she died
oh hahaha
i vats it and it showed the grenande landing like 3ft from her
k need sleeps ohnos

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yeah ammo is good
ha this shit is so easy now compared to the first time
i pwnt the supermarket one raider at a time all sneaking and shit
yeah but this time i destroyed them
first time i think in the end i just did some kamikze shit
ran around cappin with my 10mm
took a few saves but whatever
so i have her get irradiated mission
so im doing the arefu mission and just eating everything
drinking bad water
normally im pretty picky about foods
but yeah i think radaway is cheaper than the drs

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blackmoon: mods are working ok

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dx^: i got to the end and didnt touch it for i dunno 3 or 6 months
but now there is expansions and moon made tweaks and stuff

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thats pretty good!
thats maybe 3 or 4 extra called shots?
depends on gun i guess
they have that AP bar i never pay attention to the points much

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i dont got time/skill to be finessing these missions
well, like in a purely verbal way
cuz if you wanna do it really well, you gotta save alot
hey is that marked % like the neccessary skill?
or my chances at my skill level
i think the latter
ok yeah is what i thought
yeah that can be like 20min of fucking around
i dropped everything by one
added some intelligence, perception, almost heroic agility
and some luck
action points rule the wastes

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dont take her gun?
i beat everyone up with the sticks mostly
does she come with me?
so whatever
fuck her dad
trying to kill me and shit
dude i spent 20min on this janes face =(
fucking bethesda
hi i did that everytime i played
i was just wondering if it was possible
because this time he came out swining it was obvious i wasnt gonna reason with him
i dont lay evil style tho because it seems like it would be too easy
but yeah, ill shoot an old lady in the face to get an infinite shotgun shell party member
my character is always a girl so i never feel to bad about offing girls
they hate each other in real life
imagine in the wastes!
haha mean!
luck > charisma

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blackmoon: k i has laundry and useless paperwork but im going to try and play updated mod tonight
im so glad this paperwork bullshit is ending this week
i usually try and stay away from thrown incidiary stuff =\
never know when it hit some poly just right and bounce back at you
thats a meaningful amount of damage tho
thats mostly how i used them heh
and usually as like some distraction/disperse technique
hey can uyou get out of the vault without killing the overseer
i always decide jane is pissed off over it
so jane just wastes the overseer
and that amata girl is all crying about it
so its basically an avoidance thing
dude attacked me!
i had to waste him
and basically everyone
i dunno why amata stays
theres no one left
just the gang asshole and his mom
and that one dude who gets headaches

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haha goofy does that work
Windows cannot use this hardware device because it has been prepared for "safe removal", but it has not been removed from the computer. (Code 47)
To fix this problem, unplug this device from your computer and then plug it in again.
it wants me to opebn the case and unplug it from the mobo header=(
haha i tried uninstalling it
now it says i have to reboot
which will fix it
no because i thought it was something else =(
why the fuck does it even have the option to eject the reader anyway
rebooting bb

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if you soft eject my 3.5" card reader it doesnt come back until reboot
or maybe if i unplug the mobo header but fuck all that

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no not yours, maybe the 3rd party mods or the launcher
but it went away when i reloaded 3rd time
was some weird sound effect loop, annoying shit
yeah i have all the ones you gave me loaded
hey why do i get positive karma for stealing!?

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i got the guy to go away because i was a girl
black widow perk ftw

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blackmoon: !

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15:14 <@AC-130U> youd think that a charge controller IC would be cheaper than 16 transistors
transistors are almost resistor cheap

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blackmoon: boy and his dog (1975) = fallout
like one and a half missions in fallout

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